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I got a rock.
Happy Halloween! I've got nothing for you. Because I am busy like a busy bee who has too much contract work to do in too little time plus fanfic deadlines and a visit to its parents looming in the not-too-distant future. A bee that is somewhat stressed, though still cheerful, possibly due to the amount of caffeine consumed in the last 24 hours. Bzzzzzzzzz!

I don't know if you dressed up today or not. I did. As a tool.

My glasses make me look like a tool. This is because today was the day that the optical place called me up and told me to bring in my oh-so-cool Inui-esque frames (with the secret black racing flames, as lj user kormantic calls them) so they could ship them off to the place that makes the oh-so-expensive Nikon lenses that are my only option and which set me back a cool $600+, and that place is not in town, so I am making do with my old frames which are kind of a combination between Tezuka and Harry Potter, combining the least attractive features of each. I look ten years older. Also, I can barely see.

My hair makes me look like a tool. I am in the process of trending my look from "butch tech geek girl" to "cool designer geek girl" with a side of "respectable business person" thrown in. So, I'm keeping my labret but wearing less clothes that are purchased in the Zellers Men's Department (though still roughly the same amount of clothes over-all) and growing my hair from a short sticky-up cut to a chin-length bob (which I've had before and which looks pretty good on me). But right now I have in-between hair. I have "middle-aged woman" hair. And the Tezuka-Potter glasses do not complement it at all.

My trenchcoat makes me look like a tool. I pulled it out the back of the closet today to wear to a client meeting instead of my black hooded raincoat. Never again. That trenchcoat? Has shoulder pads.

But I'll get my cool glasses back soon, my hair will grow out eventually, and I'll never wear that coat again. And my ass is looking pretty good these days, so that's something.

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You need super Nikon Lenses? For your eyes? What can they do, zoom x200? They cost more than $600? You better get X-Ray vision for that price :\

Maybe if you dyed your hair it wouldn't look so old?

I have dry disgusting 'haha you have exams and can't be fucked' hair at the moment.

Shoulderpads can be awesome, just probably not with the glasses and the hair. And the coat probably covered your ass, which is why your cool factor dropped :)

But then..

I wanna see photos, or it didn't happen.

I was also thinking that it sounds like a good superhero disguise.

You need super Nikon Lenses? For your eyes? What can they do, zoom x200?

Pretty much. I have bad, bad vision.

I don't think dying or bleaching is the best option right now, since I want to keep all the hair and not have awkward colours or damaged bits. Also, I'm getting a fabulous grey patch right where I part it. (I suppose *that* might make me look old too, but I think it's really cool.)

These shoulderpads don't say "awesome" so much as they say "this coat is probably older than some of the people reading this post". Yay 80s! (I do have a kick-ass Boy George costume in my closet. Maybe I should have worn that to the client meeting.)

No photos today. But I should take some of my bedhead. I get the most amazing bedhead right now.

I have many shoulder padded double breasted suit jackets. Nothing says 80s quite like that. And I was born in the 80s so I have no idea why I have them. But yeah, they remind me of Boy George.

I bet you're not that old. Or at least, you are in the middle band of my friends list.

I've had grey hair since I was 8 and all I want it to do is to concentrate in one area so that I can look like Rogue. But alas. I think I'm going to get a Ritsuka from Loveless haircut next.

I thought you had blond hair? What does a grey patch look like on blond hair?

I have many shoulder padded double breasted suit jackets.

Dynasty! Woohoo!

I might be able to do the Rogue thing -- that would be nifty. We'll see how it goes. My hair is medium-to-dark brown. What I always think of as "hair-coloured hair". My partner is blond and you can't really see his grey unless you're up close, even though he has a lot of it.

My glasses make me look like a tool.

I don't believe it. But I can sympathize with growing out hair. Things can get scary in the in-between stage.

Okay, they are not so bad as, say, the ones I had in junior high before I got contact lenses (which I no longer wear). But the frame colour kind of disappears into my face and the combo with the hair is not kind to me.

Well, I still don't believe it [pending pictorial evidence] but I tend to think that glasses look good on others unless they are horrendously awful. Like, cotton-candy pink with unicorns on them awful. And even then, a small part of me still thinks that is cute.

I can't wait to see episode 07 of akihabara@deep. The preview given in episode 06 is just beautiful. I did a little chair dance when I saw it. I really want to pimp this show out to my friends list, complete with pictures and insane babbling.

I almost bought a transparent pink pair with diamantes in them once (ok, last month), from Chanel. They looked awesome except that I didn't think anyone would ever take me seriously if I wore them.

I tried this akihabara@deep show on youtube. I'm not really feeling the love - well I loved that shy guy (I can't remember his name) but it just seemed really cracktastic to me. Is that why you like it?

Heck, transparent pink sounds awesome. You should've gotten them anyways!

Page is the shy guy and yes, the first episode was really cracktastic. But in each episode, the writers are taking weird, geek things and making fun. Like cosplay and battle maids and hackers and girl goth bands. Admittedly, it's been more on the guy side of weird geekery but I have hopes for girl geekery too. I also like how the characters [except for Akira, really] are all the painful geek stereotype, not the cool stereotype. And I really, really like that they band together to try and protect what they love, even if the "normal" world doesn't understand what they love.

Plus, the characters are starting to grow on me something fierce. Particularly Page, Box, and Taiko. So yes, the crack is a draw because I adore humor but there's an underlying earnestness that is really sweet as well.



It did! I love you TV-Nihon!

Now I have something to look forward to watching this evening when I get home from work. Zombieszombieszombieszombies...

I tried on my last pair of glasses, and I was having difficulty seeing. Damn family history of awful vision. Last time I went to get a new pair of glasses, the optometrist said I had the worst vision he had ever seen. It was slighty depressing. On the up side, I got purple glasses.

Shoulder pads do not suit me, I already have enough of a shoulder, and too little of a neck :P

Wow, your eyes may be worse than mine! But purple glasses are alwayas cool.

I have too much shoulder too. And too old a wardrobe, apparently. *g*

Well, I didn't need Nikon special lenses that cost $600, so might not be. Course, I have a different medical system than yours.

I usually rip the shoulder pads out, especially if it won't effect the cut of the coat. If it looks like it will, then I don't buy it. I just don't think I could pull off Boy George's look :D

Hahahahaha! I have the same coats you do! So the other day, I wanted to wear my black hooded raincoat, and I pulled my trench coat out on accident, and I was so out of it in the morning, that I didn't realize it until I put it on to go out at break time and marveled at how I forgot that my raincoat had a liner. It was only then that I realized I was wearing the trench coat. And it had SHOULDER PADS.

So people mocked me, as they do, and I wore it again the next day as I do when they mock. But this time at break, I had a group "Cut Out My Shoulder pads" session. They mocked me, helped me (i.e. held the coat inside out for me while I wielded scissors) and then they complimented me on my sloping shoulders.

We are fashion twins! I pity you for that. *g*

I thought about cutting the shoulder pads out, but the trench coat is also green and I think I'd be more stealthy in black.

shoulder pads. *shudders*

It was the scariest thing I saw all Halloween.

As I'm watching early-seasons TXF with P. right now, I can advise you to pretend it's Scully's raincoat. She was much with the shoulder pads.

I am sorry about all your aesthetic woes, but I'm sure you're going to be fabulous soon.

Scully is rather more slight than I am. :) My shoulders are enough in evidence on their own. But I'm always happy to think about early Scully. God, the way she would skulk around with her flashlight with her mouth half-open. *swoon*

Oh yes. ::sigh:: I'm enjoying the re-watch on several levels.

Well, you could rip out the shoulderpads...

And for some bizarre reason, I have fallen in love with vintage hats, from 30s to 50s and have been buying them and wearing them lately. This probably makes me look really weird, but I'm going to be 50 this year and this is NYC, so why the hell should I care?

Your hats have got to be way, way cooler than my shoulderpads. I think it's probably a sign I need a new coat.

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