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My Holiday Wish List
slam dunk
1. A time machine so I could go back to when Slam Dunk fandom was active and flail and discuss and write YoHana and Fujima/Hanagata and a little RuHana and Sendoh/everybody and oh so very much MitKo.

2. Cheese.

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It was awesomely refreshing seeing your icon on my friends page :)
Oooh Slam Dunk fandom, I miss it, too!

Slam Dunk is the best of the best!

I tried a cheese that was made with beer this weekend and I thought of you!

It was delicious.

Ooh, that sounds awesome!

Oh man, I wish you would write/had written those all too (espec YoHana)! I am trying to imagine you in the SD fandom corner I lurked in. Basically English was everybody's second language and there were crazy AU stories and song lyrics everywhere. Awesome times.

Youhei is my Slam Dunk boyfriend! I think those awesome times are still going on on ff.n.

I've been watching Slam Dunk on Crunchyroll for a while . . . WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE??

Slam Dunk is king! I'm so glad you discovered it! Are you shipping anybody so far?

. . . Rukawa x Hanamichi. orz I haven't gotten far enough to see most of the other players so I'm pretty sure it'll change soon. (It's kind of like PoT, where I was first gungho about Ryouma x Momoshiro . . . then InuKai kind of slapped me in the face later on and rest is history.)

It will be interesting to see who else appeals to you. :)

(And InuKai will do that to you!)

(Deleted comment)
Woohoo! YoHana is such love. Even though I've never actually written any. ♥

Maybe if you start writing fic about them it will start a fandom revival? Worth a shot!

I've written some over the years. I'm not the kind of person who could sustain a concerted effort to revive the fandom, but I was thinking about doing something in the New Year to maybe whip things up for a week or so.

I haven't scheduled it yet, so how long do you think it might take you to watch and read the series? (Best. Manga. Ever.)

I see that! Just having new fic to read from you is pretty good incentive to look into a new (old) fandom, I must admit.

fjadklfe GEE. Good question. I do love me some basketball. We'll see what I can do over Christmas break. ;)

I would be overjoyed to supply you with either or both anime and manga. Just say the word. :)

I may just take you up on that! I must say, doing a little research, I find this to be quite reassuring:

In a poll of over 79,000 Japanese fans for the 10th Japan Media Arts Festival, Slam Dunk was voted the #1 manga of all time.

! That's quite a claim! Do you have the manga/episodes uploaded, or just handy links? :)

I don't have anything handy online, but I would be happy to send you everything on DVD. And I could upload some of the inital eps/issues as a taste.

Are you more of an anime or manga person? The anime follows the manga pretty closely up until the ending. The manga carries on after that. I think there are 31 volumes in all and 101 anime episodes. (And 2 or 3 OVAs, but those suck big time for some reason.)

There are some sweet VAs in the anime, including Okiayu Ryoutarou and my total boyfriend Morikawa

Only if it's not a hassle for you! I wouldn't want it to be a burden or anything. And sure, a taste would probably be good! (Although I probably won't have time to watch any until . . . next week at the earliest, the week after more realistically.) You have good timing with flashing me a shiny new series, though, I must say - just before my month-long Christmas break! \o/

You know, historically I've been more anime-inclined, but lately I've been pretty invested in reading manga! (I just read all of Bleach in a really short period of time and have yet to see more than two episodes of the series.) So I would probably just try out both. 101 episodes sounds pretty manageable!

Oh good. ♥__♥ Voice actors can TOTALLY make or break a series!

You could try a rewatch/reread community? Then you could lure in a whole new group of people to comment along side. XD

I was thinking of doing something in the New Year -- that's a good idea!

I wonder what would the perfect year for the SD fandom be. In Japan it was 1994, I guess. But in the English speaking, fanfic writing world?
I remember enjoying the anime mostly on my own back in 2003.

Here's is some YoHana for you.

Do you happen to remember if I posted this before? Here is the cover. I don't remember if I posted it earlier or if it has been in my to share list forever, so if you don't recall it, either, I will share more samples in a separate post later today or tomorrow.

Maybe there was no perfect year for western SD fandom and I'm wistful for a time that never was. I'm not sure if that's better or worse.

Ooh, pretty! I don't think I've seen that one before. I remember one YoHana doujinshi where they were hanging out in the gym and then Youhei watched over Hanamichi while he was sleeping.

Well, at least there might not have been a time when everybody was talking about it and you were busy fangirling something else. To me Gundam Wing was the first anime series with loads of fanfic around. I wonder if there was a bigger fandom online before that one... Sailor Moon? Dragon Ball? There were other fandoms, to be sure, but not quite as big or active in English, I think. I am talking about 1998-1999 AND anime, not X-files, Star Trek, Star Wars... Central and South America got a lot of anime looong before the North did.

I think I know which one you mean. And the main pairing was Rukawa and Hanamichi. Rukawa was jealous of Yohei because he knew Yohei was in love with Hanamichi. Good! I already posted this one too. Give me just half an excuse to share a doujin and... ;D

...I know you were asking for more people to write fic, though. I hope your New Year's campaign is successful! You can count on me for "rebound pimping", as usual.

1. I would love that too, I need to fangirl Mitsui!!!

2. D:

Yes yes yes once again yes.

I hope you get both your Holiday wishes.

Also, I will supply fanart to any rebound revival we have. Fan art and many squeals.

Some time in early 2009, for sure! We will all squeal together. ♥

Stumbled on your lj from the momokai comm...I wish that the SD fandom was active too..the last time I remember it being active was 8 years ago. Oh, all the best fics and authors were out there and the pairings were endless. My favorites were HanaRu, SenKosh, MakiFuji, SenFuji..ah, the limitless possibilities.

Did you ever read the stories written by Kaija Hase?

Just one thing that I couldn't stand about SD fandom were the very vivid out-of-character depictions regarding certain characters.. coughsukeHanacoughs XD

8 years, yeah that's a while, especially in fandom. :( At least I know when to set my time machine for now!

I haven't -- but thanks for the rec! I'll see what I can find.

Hee! Yeah, I think those still live on at ff.n.

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