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It's for science.

The Internet should primarily be used for:

srs bsns
what I had for breakfast and other awesome adventures of my fascinating life rendered in painstaking detail
pictures of cats
pictures of Atobe

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pictures of Atobe, dude. any other answer is a crime.

I had skyr. But I still marked the "srs bsns" radio button. Possibly I am boring. Fortunately my cat video is coming along nicely and almost ready to post...

We should have a Cultured Dairy of the Month club!

I'd sign up for that.

You know what your default icon looks like? Dairy products. IJS.

There's significant overlap between Atobe, porn and srs bsns. These radio buttons are not doing it for me.

I don't think ticky boxes are very scientific.

I don't understand how porn isn't winning by a landslide.

Maybe having "porn" and "Atobe" as separate options was a bad idea.

(Deleted comment)
Dairy porn would be best.

Porn and pictures of Atobe: redundancy.

So I am coming to believe!

The internet is for porn. This poll irritates me.

At least it's ahead right now.

Pictures of cats was a close second.

I wonder if I'd put "pictures of Atobe with cats" if that would be winning.

But not pornographic pictures!

Maybe pictures of Atobe complaining about cats.

Pornographic pictures of Atobe complaining about his cat's breakfast.

I can only hope these pictures exist.

Your polls always ask the hardest questions.

Cheese is, suspiciously, not on this list. What have you done with the cheese???

But you can't eat Internet Cheese! All the cheese is safely at home. :)

Porn and pictures of cats.

Those are definitely the top two categories. :)

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