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You can call me Hal.

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Friday, I'm in love.
Today on Slashdot I read these words:

LEGO powered chocolate printer

(context is an article about 3-D printing)

So, here I am on my lunch break, eating M&Ms and buiding a Star Wars LEGO kit.

Life could be worse.

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I would like either a LEGO printer or a chocolate printer. Either would be fine.

I would like a printer that printed LEGO blocks that were made of chocolate that I could make into wond'rous creations and then eat. Mmm... chocolate Darth Maul minifig.

Slashdot is just full of the relevant articles today.

"U.S. Air Force Plans for War In Space"

My first thought was a spoiler for tonight's episode which I know you've already seen, but ever vigilant am I.

Hee! Slashdot doesn't seem too concerned with Stargate, which is perhaps a good thing. I got lonegunmenned on a Buffy thing a year or two ago.

How very fun. I should do that sometime. Or something like.

Everyone should get to play with LEGO. :)

I want a printer that prints chocolate legos!

Me too. And they never melt until you want to eat them.

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