Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Le weekend.

On Saturday, mommybird and I had our Wah! We're not at Escapade! chat. After the obligatory "Neroon is hot" bit, we got onto Alan Rickman. More specifically, we discussed the Alan Rickman Con. There could be panels about all his movies, about fanfic based on his movies, sessions where we all sit in the dark and listen to The Voice.

Then we talked about what we'd like to see him wearing. She suggested, and I quote, "A cassock and surplice. A proper surplice, down to the ankles nearly with the points of the sleeves touching the hem." And I said, "Oh, god."

I think that about sums it up.

Today I watched a few episodes of Trailer Park Boys S3 while answering LJ comments. God, I love that show. S4 starts in April; hopefully there will be a S3/S4 DVD set soon after. Also, I saw that BBC America was going to show it so you Yanks may get to see this brilliant Canadian show after all.

My love for Ricky, my trailer trash boyfriend, knows no bounds. Today, after what was probably his worst day ever, he was sitting in his car (where he lives) with the TV on the hood, watching The Littlest Hobo and singing along with the theme song. I melted.

Worked on my femslash04 story. I must finish the draft tonight. I opted to do one of the wildcard pairings and so I'm writing for a fandom I've never done before. Actually, it's not a "fandom" but I don't know what word to use there.

We do that all the time now, use the word fandom to mean the source material -- the book or tv show or movie or video game -- we're using for the story, even if there's no actual fandom around it. I think we need a better word. Any suggestions? Maybe "source" would do. Setting?

I also just finished up Stargate S5. More on that later.

It's Sunday night. I still miss The X-Files.

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