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Five First Kisses meme. I'm not sure if these are necessarily the best I've done, but they're all ones I like.

ETA: I suppose some of these are R-ish.

XF: Skinner/Doggett from Turn Me On, Dead Man

"You shouldn't drive," Doggett said and since he'd been fucking dead for Christ's sake and wasn't likely to get to Tibet any time soon, put a firm hand on Skinner's thigh.

There was a thousand year moment while Doggett felt every hard muscle tense beneath his hand and every particle of air turn electric. Skinner looked straight at him, through him, and Doggett began to think being dead wasn't a good enough excuse.

Then Skinner took his jaw, yanked him close, and kissed him.

It was the kind of kiss your mother would have warned you about if she'd been able to bring herself to talk about such things, the kind of kiss that makes you unbuckle your belt and give your body away.

The table pressed into Doggett's knee and his shoulders were twisted. His hands moved over Skinner's shoulders and down his back. Skinner's fingers were curling around his neck, into the small hairs at the nape.

Heat bloomed in Doggett's belly, spreading out along his veins and under his skin. His heart pounded in his throat. His tie was tight, choking. He reached up to loosen it but Skinner pushed his hands away and undid it himself, marking the official moment of no return.

Next thing he knew, Doggett was standing, his cheek rough against Skinner's, trying to open Skinner's shirt while his own was being pulled down his shoulders. Then they were chest to bare chest and Doggett had his hands on Skinner's ass.

It sure beat lying in a shallow grave.


HP: Hermione/Fred, Hermione/George from Summer Thing

George takes the books from her and sets them down somewhere. He stands behind her and slips his arms around her waist. "Did you want to be alone, buttercup?"

"No," she says, and Fred bends down and kisses her. It's not the first time Hermione has been kissed, but it's the first time it feels like this, like something bigger than herself trying to burst out of her.

When Fred pulls back, she's breathing hard and her mouth is tingling. "We tossed for it," he says and she can almost see him smiling in the dark.

"You tossed for who would kiss me?" she asks.

"For who would kiss you first," says George against her ear. He twists her round in his arms and takes his turn. It's not the same as Fred's kiss, but it's just as good, just as deep, and Fred's hand on the back of her neck doesn't hurt either.


XMM: Logan/Scott from The Interpretation Of Dreams (Sucks To Be You 3)

(Scott has just woken Logan from a nightmare.)

I dropped the robe, skinned out of my boxers, got on the bed, pulled up the sheet.

The bedding was damp. Logan didn't move, didn't say anything. I waited a beat, then put my arm around his chest. He was shaking, skin clammy. He didn't exactly turn to me, but I took him in my arms and he let me. I stroked his back and pulled his body close. Tasted the salt on his neck. His hands moved around my waist and he leaned into me, still shaking, still cold. Not me, I was hot, glowing.

I touched his face, bare cheek and beard along the jaw. And then I kissed him. He tasted terrible, dry nightmare night mouth, probably never brushed before bed. He kissed me back, opened his mouth, began to respond. I couldn't get enough. His arms, his thighs. His mouth. I'd had his cock inside my mouth before, but never his tongue. His skin was warming now, tremors gone. And still he kissed me, body stretched against mine. I'd probably pay for it later.


LotR: Éomer/Éowyn from Care

I am cold, Éowyn said. I would not be alone. She lay down beside him, her head pillowed on his shoulder and her unbound hair spilling over his chest.

Her body stretched alongside Éomer's and he put his arms around her. She shook and to Éomer she seemed to give off heat, so that he thought her fevered.

I will fetch the leech, he said, but she embraced him and would not let him go.

Take care of me, brother, she said, and put her arms about his neck and kissed his mouth.

This was wrong, Éomer knew, a brother did not lie with his sister. But her mouth was warm and her arms clinging and he loved her more than anything else on the black earth.

The taste of her filled him with hunger. He pulled her close and stroked her face and throat, kissed the hollow of her neck, her shoulder where her gown had pulled aside.

She kissed his face over and over, his cheeks above the beard, his temples, the corners of his mouth. She loosened her gown and took his hand and held it to her breast.

Éomer learned her body, intent upon each curve, as though he were a skald and Éowyn a verse that he was making. He touched her and she cried out softly. He wished that he could see her face.


SV: Jonathan/Lex in Dirt

(Jonathan warns Lex away from Clark.)

Only now, with Jonathan's weight pinning him to the ground, did Lex show any emotion. "Nothing's ever going to be good enough for you, is it?" His eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared. "You'll never change your mind about anything. You think I'm dirt."

"No," Jonathan said. And he took a handful of the damp soil and smeared it across Lex's face. "I like dirt."

Lex turned his head and spat, trying to blow the earth off of his lips. He didn't speak and that was just too much. Jonathan started to grind into Lex, driving him into the ground, trying to get him as dirty as he could.

"I know what you want. Say it."

No answer, just Lex looking away, his muddy cheek in Jonathan's face.

"Say it." Thrusting his hips. "Say you want it." Pulling Lex to face him. "Say it!" Straining his body against Lex. "SAY IT!"

Lex was struggling now, but Jonathan was a big man. Jonathan pushed his mouth to Lex's in something that wasn't a kiss and wasn't a bite, but more like he was trying to suck Lex's life away. Lex twisted, but not far enough. Jonathan had his hands on Lex's shoulders and the soft leather gave beneath his fingers.

When he pulled his face away, Jonathan had grit between his teeth and he was hard. The black truth was that he was the one who wanted it. He wanted it and he was going to have it, right there under the open sky, and Lex was going to enjoy it.


I wanted to include the Sandy/Rizzo (Grease) kiss from Touchy, but I would have ended up quoting half the piece. But I've cleverly just linked to it, so that's OK.

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