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You can call me Hal.

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We're fine, we're all fine, here now, thank you. How are you?

Linkage: Harry Potter in Ancient Greek. (link via xanthe) I'm really looking forward to this. I've done about equal amounts of Greek and Latin, but I self-identify as a Hellenist because Greek just works for me in a way Latin never did. It feels more natural in my brain.

Pimpage: Percy ficathon, run by icarusancalion. I'm not meant to be signing up for anything new right now, but it's Percy! So I did.

Blatherage: I've had a lot of new readers lately (mostly due, I suspect, to the Drabble-Matic) and so I wanted to do a little bit about what you're likely to find here, chez Hal.

Mostly, I post fanfic, blathering, questions, and sometimes a bit of meta or analysis. This is almost always of a fannish nature -- I'm not given to posting much about RL, unless it impacts fannish stuff somehow. Nor do I generally post memes and quizzes.

Harry Potter is my primary writing fandom and I don't see that that will change any time soon. I have never seen another fandom with the incredible scope for fanfic as this one. Other current favourites include Lord of the Rings, Stargate (and I'm trying to write more fic in SG, I swear), and Gundam Wing.

But I never really leave my old fandoms so I also go on about X-Files, Star Wars, XMM, etc, from time to time. I talk about B5 and BtVS/AtS but don't write fic in those fandoms (except when I do). I have felt the Pirate love. I'm ramping up to be all fannish about Troy, as soon as I can figure someone to slash my beloved Hektor with besides that goddamn pretty boy Paris. (This is character bashing, not actor bashing, btw.) And I'll talk about whatever I'm watching or reading at the time.

I usually post once per day and sometimes less. (But I think today is shaping up to be an exception.) If I haven't had time to post much during the week, I might post a bunch over the weekend to catch up.

I trust that you'll read what you want, skip what you don't, and drop me if I'm annoying or boring.

Warnage: Captain Hook is still mine. Hands off.

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It's all about Hector/Achilles, yo! (and I love how you spelled Hektor like this. It's the small things, my dear.)

I always did want to write an Achilles/Priam, actually. There's a bit in Iliad 24 that's SO goddamn slashy. I was translating it and it goes on about how they are both sitting there, silent, staring at each other's godlike gorgeousness, and then Priam says, "Achilles, put me to bed." And I sat there in the Classics Reading Room, clutching my lexicon and hoping nobody would notice that I was breathing hard. But then stupid Achilles goes off to bed with Briseis, so I was sorely disappointed.

You have greek font on your comp! So v jealous. I don't have one anymore.

So, I guess now I'll mention that Hector is like my favorite myth character, like evah, and i even named my cat after him.

did my template not work? or have you just been busy? Am I impatient?

..runs in little circles..

I have just been busy. It takes about half an hour to prepare a template after it's written. But I will get it up there! I'll email you when it's done.

I'm sorry. *baps self*

too much coffee! and nto enough beer. :D

And HP in Classical Greek is so cool. Though translating Greek by non-native speakers is usually painful (Plotinus and Epictetus for instance) I will toodle over to Schoenhof's foreign books and peer at it. I love that Voldie is "scaly death" - that is brilliant

I don't think I read any later Greek beyond some NT. I do remember reading some rhyming Latin poetry about the battle of Hastings, though. *g* I'm really looking forward to this!

I have a degree in classics and two years of Greek were required. But not everyone went and looked up Epictetus' Greek. Just geeks like me.

Strangely Sappho was also hard to translate. So subtle.

Strangely Sappho was also hard to translate. So subtle.

I don't think it's strange, given the dialect and that we only have fragments of her work. I didn't do any Sappho until my fifth year of Greek, when I did a lyric poetry course. And I loved a lot of the lyric (Solon being a pretty major execption there) but Sappho wrote the most beautiful Greek of anything I'd read.

I confess, I rip her off allude to her all the time when I write.

I agree. Sappho was really quite amazing. Like distilled truth. So beautiful.

Ooh, that has potential!

Hektor/Odysseus, yo. Theirlovesocrossesbattlelines. ;)

Hee! Their hotness is overwhelming!

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