Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Stargate: Resurrection

You know, I had things to say about Heroes, but the moment has passed. Let's just say that I want to see a spin-off called Lucky 13 and leave it at that.

Sooooo, Resurrection. Finally, conclusive proof that Michael Shanks has seen The X-Files. Fetuses in bottles! Human-alien hybrids! Chuck! (OK, I suppose I should make an effort to learn Chuck's Stargate name.)

I think I liked this, over all. I thought the atmosphere was great. The woman didn't seem well cast, though. She struck me as pretty blah and didn't carry off the Goa'uld personality at all.

I missed Jack, of course. His snark leavens every situation. And who was the Master Interrogator who was hitting on Sam? Was he in an S6 ep? He had the feel of a recurring character, but I don't think I've seen him before. I thought he and Sam had good rapport.

But those lines about Hannibal and Clarice were *so* heavy-handed. We *know* he's supposed to give off a Hannibal vibe; you don't have to tell us.

I did love the Evil Scientist -- he was deliciously creepy.


I wrote that yesterday, just after I'd seen the ep. And now I find I like it less than I did then. It seemed like just a bunch of cliches. Daniel Is Empathetic. Sam Is Smart And Attractive To Men. Teal'c Is Sidelined. (Or maybe this is just "Hal Is Cranky and Needs A Nap")

One thing I did find interesting was when the girl said that Daniel reminded her of the Evil Scientist. I thought that they could have followed up that angle more, maybe had Daniel talk to the Evil Scientist earlier on, have to empathize with *him*.

In fact, even though there was a superficial X-Files vibe, I found that who I really wanted to see here was Frank Black. Frank would have talked to the scientist and to the girl and would have seen things no one else could.

So, fun, but not as fun as I'd have liked.

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