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First off: yay LotR!

Posted my femslash04 story:

Somebody's Darling
Gone With the Wind, Scarlett/Melanie, PG13. Needs must.

Written for maidenjedi. Hope it suits. :) I started writing a Narcissa/Bellatrix bit as well, but it's not done yet so I'll just post it here when it is.

Went to RotK again yesterday. Damn, but that movie is long. I'd like to see it more, but between busing out to the theatre and the sheer length of the film, it ends up taking 5 - 5.5 hours out of my day and that's a lot to do often.

While I'm always glad to have a chance to swoon with hobbit love, the bit where the eagles go pick up Frodo and Sam has always bugged me. (In the books too.) If the eagles could fly in there, why didn't they just do that in the beginning? Fly in, drop the ring over the volcano, fly away? Dangerous, sure, but more dangerous than what Frodo and Sam did? I realise the eagles don't co-operate with non-flying folk much, but this is so important, I'm sure they could be talked round.

Once again, I got all shivery in front of the Black Gate. Sauron is whispering to Aragorn and Aragorn is transfixed, back to the army. He slowly turns around and I'm all, "Be evil! Please be evil now!" He never is, but I still hope for it every time. Or for Sauron to win and take Aragorn as his sex slave. *koff*

I teared up more than once, but mostly when the Rohirrim all shouted "Death! Death!" I was also quite affected by the orcs all chanting "Grond! Grond!" I always chant along under my breath. And Grond was SO FUCKING COOL. They totally deserved to break the gates down with a ram that cool. The long wolf's head and the fire in its mouth -- sooooo scary.

You are spared further squee over the orc war machinery since I must go to work.

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