Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Everybody wants to be a French girl.

Draco/Ron ficathon: rwdmfqf. (I'm assuming that there will be actual content there soon.) I got all excited and joined the comm. And then I realised that I never read Draco/Ron goodfic, just badfic. I'm still a member but now I wonder if writing an extended story about them will kill my badfic love. And I don't want that to happen.

We rented School of Rock tonight. I never got around to seeing it in the theatre and now I wish I had. But it was lots of fun at home too. Jack Black is my boyfriend. And Joan Cusak has been my girlfriend for years and years. Usually I'm all about the hot scary chicks, but she's the hot doofy chick that I just want to do and do and do and then we'll order a pizza. Hey, I even sat through that terrible sitcom of hers just to see her.

The Boy and I were talking about how Jack Black is in Mars Attacks as Billy Glenn Norris, the redneck soldier boy. And his trailer trash daddy is played by Joe Don Baker. Could that be any more perfect?

After School of Rock, I had to get out the Angela Anaconda episode "I Want To Mould Your Band". You remember -- there's a talent contest and whoever wins gets to ring the Tastee Twirl bell in the ice cream truck. So Angela and her friends form a band so that Nanette Manoir's band can't win. There's an amazing fantasy sequence where Angela and the Bandaconda sing this totally kick-ass song at a kick-ass rock concert. And then, back in the real world, it's revealed that Nanette's band, the Ooo-la-la-la-las, was lip-synching. Quel horreur! which is French for "cheaters never prosper".

Did you ever notice how well the characters on Angela Anaconda match up with Harry Potter? Angela is Harry, of course, and Gina Lash (smartest in class) is Hermione, Johnny Abatti is Ron, Gordy Rhinehart is Neville. Nanette Manoir is Draco, with January and Karlene as her Crabbe and Goyle. ("I hate Potter!" "I hate Potter even more!") Mrs Brinks is Snape.

Or maybe you never noticed all that.

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