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Shut up and sleep with me.

Stout and apple pie -- two great tastes that taste great together.

The Boy has gone to a con and I'm looking forward to a weekend of solitude, beer, and sweet, sweet Jonas Quinn. Right now, I'm keeping the party going with Barcardi and Coke and my Bubblegum iTunes playlist.

You may or may not remember that a couple of months ago, I posted a little snippet kind of making fun of Clay Aiken's song Invisible. My big mistake was downloading the song in order to mock it. I have since listened to it about 30 million times. I'm listening to it now. And it seems like a good candidate to kick off my Bubblegum Badfic Songfic list.

Invisible, Clay Aiken
Harry/Draco, no question. Draco angstily listens to the song in his private room (he's Head Boy) while he moons over Harry and their Love That Can Never Be Because They Are Enemies. Harry, mooning over the Exact Same Thing, is lurking close by, wrapped in his invisibility cloak. At seeing Draco's pain and hearing the song that so clearly expresses it, he lets the cloak drop to the floor and they wordily consummate Their Love on Draco's bed.

Oops! I Did It Again, Britney Spears
Jack/Daniel. Flirty, ass-shaking Daniel shares a night of passion with poor, vulnerable Jack, who falls head over heels for sexysexy fickle Daniel. Jack suffers for months as Daniel fucks his way through the SGC and half the aliens they meet. Then this song comes on the radio while they're changing after a particularly trying mission. Jack can't help getting a wounded and wistful expression. At seeing Jack's pain and hearing the song that so clearly expresses it, Daniel realises what Jack has to offer and decides to commit solely to him. They fall upon each other and hungrily consummate Their Love in a shower. Teal'c tactfully withdraws after raising an eyebrow.

Make Me Lose Control, Eric Carmen
Mulder/Krycek. Mulder catches Krycek spying on him. Mulder beats Krycek until his (Krycek's) face is all bloody and his shoulder is dislocated, the one with the whole arm. Mulder handcuffs them together so that Krycek can't get away. Then he forces Krycek into his (Mulder's) car to drive him down to Crystal City so that Skinner can have a turn beating him (Krycek) up. Krycek is strangely subdued, but Mulder thinks that's just because of being beaten up. Then this song comes on the radio. Mulder looks over and realises that Krycek is looking at Mulder with tears and love in his eyes. At seeing Krycek's pain and hearing the song that so clearly expresses it, Mulder pulls over and they consummate Their Love by having rough sex right there in the car. Then they go have a three-way with Skinner.

Take A Chance On Me, ABBA
Drew Barrymore/Me. Um...I'll just let you imagine this one. Cause that's what I'm doing.

MMMBop, Hanson
Hermione/Neville. Hermione is trying to do her homework but she's really bothered because Parvati and Lavender are playing loud pop music in the common room. Also, she's testy because Harry and Ron turned out to be gay and are now going out and she feels rather awkward around them. Neville asks Hermione for help with his Charms essay and she snaps at him because she's really, really tense, but then she hears the song: "MMMBop, ba duba dop ba do bop" and realises that homework doesn't really matter. She looks at Neville and realises he feels the exact same way. At seeing Neville's pain and hearing the song that so clearly expresses it, Hermione suggests that maybe they should have coffee sometime.

K, done for now. Hopefully, that's enough to cure my compulsion to write the Harry/Draco fic.

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