Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things.

HP: The bit of the JKR interview I found most interesting was the question about pre-Hogwarts schooling: wizard children can either go to Muggle primary schools or be taught at home, as the Weasleys were. How would sending your kids to Muggle school work? How do you keep a child of five or six from talking about magic? Or do they just assume that nobody will believe the kid if he does?

Stargate: I watched Inauguration. My total reaction: meh. I've been holding off watching Lost City until I have both parts. Cause I hate waiting for part two.

Jeremiah: I finished up the S1 DVDs. The downloading of S2 must commence soon! I found that at about disc 4 I started to get much more into it and now I'm a hopeless adoring fan where I was a cautious fan before. I'm shipping Jeremiah/Kurdy but I must note in passing that Markus has a very pretty mouth and I had to watch the "Markus gets drunk" scene twice. Seems like there should be some drunken slash there, doesn't it? Also: Ezekiel is my boyfriend. Of course. *sigh*

Gundam Wing: I watched Endless Waltz again last night, this time the movie version, which seemed to have some extra bits in the middle. I think Duo had more lines than Heero, Trowa, and Wufei all put together. Duo certainly is growing on me, though he will never (never!) supplant Wufei in my affections.

Movies: I was thwarted in my attempt to see Triplets of Belleville yesterday. Today I saw The Station Agent, which I enjoyed a lot. Dear god, Peter Dinklage has a nice voice.

Books: Recently, I tried to read a book on deconstruction. It made my brain hurt. So I got out the next thing on my stack instead: The Golden Ratio by Mario Livio. It's all about the number phi, which is quite unusual.

If you take a line AB and divide it at C so that the ratio of AB to AC is the same as the ratio of AC to CB, then the line has been cut in the Golden Ratio, phi. I'm not a math geek, by the way, but the book has been written for the layperson so I followed things OK.

There's a lot of interesting stuff about how phi (and Fibonacci numbers, which are related) are found in various places in nature. And I thought there was going to be other interesting stuff about where it could be found in art, etc, but it turns out that those reports are greatly exaggerated, so most of that part of the book was debunking. (For example, there's no evidence that the Golden Ratio was used in the construction of the Great Pyramid.) Which isn't as interesting.

There was one bit about the Platonic solids, which are five regular polyhedra whose properties I won't go into. But I looked at the diagram and lo! they were dice: d4, d6, d8, d12, and d20. (Sorry, d10!) So a bit of gamer geekery there.

I do plan to get back to deconstruction at some point.

Beer: I like beer.

I haven't been doing any writing, though I should do a bit tonight. I've been feeling like my input/output ratio was a bit unbalanced, so I'm trying to take in more media of various sorts. Hopefully that will give me new ideas and help me to focus more.

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