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So, I have this book called The Latin Sexual Vocabulary. It's bright orange with the title in huge black letters, possibly to discourage me from reading it in restaurants. What I wish I had is a book called The UK Sexual Vocabulary. I find I'm forever writing HP porn in a more formal style than I might otherwise do because I don't know which terms I can use and which I can't. And I have a hankering to write some very dirty sex.

I assume that some terms are the same, but I don't want to assume I know which ones. So here are some of the ones I've been wondering about:

What can I use for masturbation, besides "wanking"? How about jacking off, jerking off, whacking off? Any of those OK?

Words for semen: can I say "jizz" or "spunk"? Anything analogous?

What about "facial"? (A blowjob where you pull out and come on your partner's face.)

Snowballing? (Your (male) partner comes in your mouth and you pass the semen into his mouth.)

Felching? (sucking semen out of the vagina or anus)

Rimming? (licking the anus)

Fisting? (insertion of a fist into the anus or vagina)

Anal sex?

And I haven't even got started on body parts, both male and female, so words for those would be great too.

All contributions appreciated. :)
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