Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

HP: Drabble, Snape's breath, and hair removal

Drabble for the snape100 colour challenge: PMS 358. Snape, Hermione, potions.

And again with the questions. I'm hoping the drabble will mitigate things somewhat. *g*

1. Is there a cliché taste or aroma of Snape's breath that I should avoid writing about? I put something down and then wondered if I was going where everyone had gone before.

2. What do you think about wizard hair removal? Do you think they shave in the usual way? Use spells to shave daily? Use long-term depilatory spells? I would go for the latter, but then I worry that people reading my fic would wonder why nobody ever got stubble burn from making out.

I suppose I could put some sort of disclaimer on my stories:

All Hal's characters use Devereaux's Dependable Depilatory. "Once a year, and you're in the clear!" As endorsed by Gilderoy Lockhart.

But sometimes you want the stubble burn, because it's manly. And sometimes you don't, because, ouch. What do you do? Uh, in your fic, that is.

Tags: drabbles, fic, harry potter
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