Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Stargate: The Empire Strikes Back

Yeah, it doesn't really seem like I'm away at all. We brought the laptop and my sister has wi-fi.

So, when I watched Lost City I & II last week, mostly I kept thinking: wow, Star Wars!

It wasn't just the obvious stuff, like the whole "I love you" "I know" Sam/Jack convo and the carbon freeze ending. Or Anubis looking like Palpatine.

But there were other bits and pieces. The Prometheus showing up in the nick of time, like the Falcon. The battle in Antarctica -- so very, very Hoth in the look and the music. The score for the caves of ice was also very Star Wars.

And the dialogue between Anubis and his First Prime was vintage, especially the diction:

We are in range, my lord.


FP: Human attack vessel approaches
A: Destroy it

(Really, SG-1 lines up very well with the core SW characters. Jack is Han, of course, with Sam as Leia, Warrior Princess and Daniel as Luke. They have the whole triangle thing going on there. And Teal'c as Chewbacca, the old, wise, kickass alien who never gets enough dialogue or cool stuff to do.)

All the Star Wars riffs actually made me love this two-parter even more.

Non-SW thoughts:

* I love Weir. I hope she sticks around.

* I love the president. Can you Americans elect him for real, please?

* I love how the whole situation with Weir and the president is so grey. Kinsey is evil, but they are not. There's no clear right and wrong about who should be administering the SG program.

* While I loved seeing Jack with Guinness, I was sorry to see that it's that horrible bottled stuff. Get the cans -- much, much better.

* The best part was when Thor showed up and unfroze Jack and cured him and they flew away together.

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