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HP, SG1, and "Canon and the Greater Reality" on Sunday morning

HP Question
Do we know when wizards are considered by the MoM to be "of age"? I was thinking today about how the kids aren't to use magic in the holidays. But in GoF, we learn that Fred and George have spent the summer inventing magical gag items in their room. We know they're 16, since they're too young to participate in the tournament.

So, do you think 16 is the age of majority? Or does the Ministry not track the magic that carefully and so children in homes where adult wizards are using magic can more easily get away with breaking the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery? Or is what they are doing somehow not quite sorcery?

ETA: Looking at the letters that Harry receives from the MoM, they both say We have received intelligence that..., which seems to indicate that they don't actually know what is happening. And in fact, it was Dobby, not Harry, who used the Hover Charm, so they can't be tracking Harry's wand. Thusly, I conclude that Fred and George are probably safe concocting things in their room so long as Percy doesn't notice what they're doing.

Stargate Question
I've been tossing around (and tried to write at least once) some thoughts about Daniel and Paul Davis during 48 Hours. One thing I'm trying to work out: do you think Paul speaks Russian? I'm pretty sure we already knew that Daniel does. I realise that we saw all their negotiations in English, but that's because this is NA TV.

General Thoughts about Character Extrapolation and Interpolation
This brings up a question I've often wondered about (and possibly have posted about before): when the canon is restricted by its medium, do we restrict our interpretations in the same way? In the Stargate example above, the characters all speak English in the Russian negotiation scene because it's for an English audience. But does that mean that when I'm writing fic about it, I should assume that that's always the case?

Or what about profanity? On TV shows, characters are usually limited in the kind of language they can use. I recall a discussion once on whether it was in character for Mulder and Scully to swear in fanfic, because they never do on the show.

In fanfic, we spend a lot of time extrapolating characterisation. How will Harry and Ron and Hermione behave when they are twenty-five instead of fifteen? How will Jack O'Neill react to kissing another man?

We also have to make choices about interpolating characterisation. In my opinion, it is very in character for Mulder and Scully to use profanity. It doesn't appear in the canon, but in fact, when watching the show, we suspend our disbelief about their lack of profanity.

In Harry Potter, when we write about a relationship between Harry and Draco, that's an extrapolation. We're taking the characters somewhere new and we're making judgments on their actions and reactions.

When we write about a relationship between Remus and Sirius, for a lot of people (though by no means all), that's an interpolation. We're amplifying what's already there and adding details, assuming that the medium will not allow their relationship to be fully text.

(I'm not addressing author intent here. I don't think JKR intends us to make that interpretation. But we can and we do.)

Sometimes I wonder if writing the characters exactly as they appear in the source, especially for TV shows and comic books, would make our characterisation seem poor to other fanfic writers/readers. We usually strive for a greater reality than the source can give us.

This makes me smile, actually, that we're spending so much time on consistancey and reality for shows that are usually, by definition, unreal. I suppose we want our fictional worlds as internally consistent as possible because we inhabit them in a way that the source authors never do.

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