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PoA trailer! I wasn't able to get the Quicktime version to work -- too many fangirls downloading, I guess. But I did manage the RealPlayer version.

* Ron/Hermione! *melts*

* I'm intrigued that they had Hermione punch Draco when in the book she slaps him. I suppose they figured slapping is too girly. But I find slapping has demeaning overtones that punching doesn't. Though maybe that only works when the slapper is in a greater position of power. And maybe I'm obsessing over this too much.

* The eagles Buckbeak!

* Fuck me, but Alan Rickman is the sexiest thing alive. (Well, him and Drew Barrymore.) I enjoy Snape in the books, but I'm not in love with him. But on screen, oh my god.

* I'm not sure if Ron's hat or Draco's hat is uglier. Perhaps there should be some ugly hat slash. "I hate you Malfoy. But I can't resist your ugly hat." "Your hat is much uglier, Weasley." *frantic making out but nothing else because they are 13 and I am not*

* "I hope he finds me, because when he does, I'm going to be ready." *shivers*

* You know, though, I liked the teaser trailer better. I think it was the song.

Once you're done with your first round of trailer squee, head on over to minitrog's to pick up some Wounded Wesley Wallpaper. Oh, but he's pretty when he's hurting. And that's all the time.

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