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GW fic: The Key to a Successful Operation

I thought about drabbling tonight, but then I realised that it's been 10 days since I had an evening with no social obligations. Also I was in the mood for Gundam Wing.

The Key to a Successful Operation
1x2x1, yaoi, lime-ish
For the gw500 "lost item" challenge, only it's 650 words.
Disclaimer: Bandai et alia, not me.

"Open the door," Duo said as Heero looked through his pockets for the third time. Gun, knife, fruit leather, cash, a crumpled strip of paper from a fortune cookie. You will soon be invited to a sporting event. No key.

Snow was falling, big puffy flakes like feathers, and Duo's head was downy with them. Wufei had somehow avoided the worst of it. "You lost the key," Wufei said.

Heero rattled the door. "I did not lose the key." Of course he hadn't lost the key. He couldn't lose the key. That's why he had the key in the first place.

"Maybe you swallowed it," Duo said and flashed Heero a grin. "You were eating so fast at dinner, I don't think you would have noticed a live cat in your food."

Heero didn't bother to respond. Could he have lost the key? No, it wasn't possible. He checked his pockets again. Still no key.

"We can't stay outside," Wufei said.

"At this rate, we'll be out here to welcome Trowa and Quatre in the morning." Duo scooped up snow, rolled it into a ball, tossed it from hand to hand. "Hey, Wufei, do you know how to build an igloo?"

Heero kept an eye on the snowball while he tried the door one more time. Tomorrow they'd set up proper security -- retinal scan and voiceprint -- but tonight there was just the key. Or rather, there wasn't.

The door was solid, but the lock wasn't much to speak of. Heero stepped back to take a run at it. The snowball whizzed past his cheek and splattered against the door. "Going to use your thick head to knock it down?" Duo said. "Allow me."

"Please," Wufei said and picked up his pack. Heero crossed his arms as Duo fished his lockpicks out of his hair. Some of the snow came loose and fell onto Duo's overcoat. In fifteen seconds, the door was open.

Heero grabbed his duffel and stalked into the house. "You're welcome," Duo said and followed him in.

When they had checked all the rooms, they met in the kitchen. "I'll take first watch," Wufei said.

Heero nodded. "I'll relieve you in four hours."

"Guess I'm on breakfast then," Duo said. "If you didn't lose the food, Heero." He reached out and twitched open Heero's jacket before Heero could shove him away. "What's this?" He opened his hand. It was the key.

Wufei gave a short bark of laughter. "Maybe Duo should take the next watch."

"Sorry, I need my beauty sleep," Duo said, and left the kitchen.

Heero followed him upstairs into a small, dusty bedroom. There were sheets over the furniture and cobwebs in the corners. "You took it," Heero said. "You stole the key and then you palmed it."

Duo laughed and started piling sheets in the middle of the floor. "I had to do it."

"Why?" Heero walked to the window and looked out. The moon was full, almost as bright as day. Snow was already filling up the tracks they'd left in the yard.

"To see if you'd notice." Duo stood behind Heero and put his hands on Heero's shoulders. He leaned in, brushing Heero's face with his wet hair. "Because I like it when you're cranky." Heero spun around but Duo was ready for him and they ended up inches apart, gripping each other's arms, and breathing in each other's faces. "Just like that," Duo said and let Heero throw him onto the bed.

Just like that, Heero thought, and pinned Duo down and kissed him, hard, twisting. They rolled over the narrow bed, thudded against the wall -- Christ, Wufei was going to complain -- and back again, pulling at their clothing, pressing too close to get any of it off. Now Duo was on top, grinding into Heero, pushing him down into the mattress, down into --

"Maxwell, your lockpicks!"

"Fuck you," Duo said and kissed him again.

Tags: 1x2x1, duo, fic, gundam wing, heero
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