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You can call me Hal.

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le weekend
holding hands

Besides the Gundam Wing fic on Friday, I spent a bunch of Saturday working on my Remix fic. Oh, god, there's either a large moth or a wasp in here somewhere. After that, I have my Woobies of Destiny and Percy ficathon stories to do. I'm determined not to sign it just flew into the light up for any more challenges for a long, long while. This makes six challenge stories I've had due in 2004 so far and they're keeping me from writing other things I want to work on. I wanted to do the MWPP fest, but I think I'm just going to have to let that one go.

Or maybe I'm just cranky because I'm having trouble plotting the I think it's a moth -- it has big wings WoD story. god, no, it's HUGE wasp I have some elements I want to include and I think I can make it a fun story, but the actual slash element so far eludes me. I wonder if I could get away with a friendship story and just call it a slash story. Hardly anyone seemed to notice when I did that with the Snape/Lupin.

I started in on Stargate S6 -- I'll do a roundup once I'm further in. So far, I've already seen all these eps, but I don't mind re-watching them for sweet, sweet Jonas Quinn. The next one up is Abyss and I have to wait until I'm emotionally ready for it. The first time I saw it, I'd just finished writing Blood Will Tell, which contains a fair amount of graphic torture, and so I had this odd interest in the torture in the ep. "Oh, he's using acid -- very cool." Hopefully I'm over that by now.

I now have Jeremiah S2, thanks to the marvellous killabeez. I've watched the first two eps and I'm just about to suck down a few more. Oh, I love it, but it's all different now! (We fear change.) There are more characters. I'm not reacting too well to Libby, but I'm not sure if I truly dislike her character or if I have slasher jealousy.

One moment I wanted to share: Markus has been captured and is being interrogated by someone he can't see. It was creepy. Then the invisible interrogator says: cooperation will be rewarded, resistance will be punished and that, of course, took me back to Intersections in Real Time, where Sheridan was being tortured, and I was suddenly about 20 times more freaked out. JMS, that's just not playing fair!

Also, I watched Catalina Caper. And I drank some beer. That's about it, really.

I'm going to have to leave that light on all night now.

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Abandon challenges if they're not fun! You should write whatever makes you happy. god, is it dead?!! Also, people hard up for good stories aren't fussy, we'll take your friendship stories as pre-slash if you insist on calling them that and be glad with it. you shoud switch off the light, it'll attract more in otherwise - they like lights...besides, what you can't see can't hurt scare you. =P

I don't want to actually quit yes, finally, it's dead any of the remaining challenges, but I'll be glad when they're over. It's just the frustration of Harry and Neville refusing to get it on. *g* we had this whole elaborate plan that involved turning on a brighter light that would lure the wasp over and then fry it, but then it flew out from the light and the Boy smashed it

Hey! Yay, it finally got to you -- that certainly took a while!

Re: Libby -- trust me on this. Her presence will be redeemed. A thousand times, yes. *g*

"high verbal" -- hee heee

I think the Customs guys must watch every tape that comes into the country or something. Cross-border packages always seem to take forever.

I'm glad to hear that about Libby, because after six eps, she's still annoying the shit out of me. Mr Smith, though, is strangely compelling.

I'll do a proper Jeremiah post soon. Thanks again!

(Deleted comment)

Re: I heaart your Hermione/Ron icon!

Yesterday morning, I was mesmerized by a music video involving two pasty guys in skirts made from bacon doing some sort of bushido thing with salami.

Jonas is truly the sweetest thing ever. *snuggles*

And ding-dong, the wasp is dead.

OMG. Season 6 of Stargate is OUT?!!! Why...why wasn't I aware of this!?

*whimpers* Must wait until April. Get paid in April. *wails*

And your Jeremiah is a...different version. Not out yet.. Alrighty then....*covets anyway* *grin*

Stargate S6 has been out for a month or so already. I just haven't had time to start it until now. Ah, the loveliness of Jonas Quinn.

Have you been downloading S7 or are you waiting til it comes out on DVD?

I have so much media backed up to watch, it's not even funny.

Don't do much downloading. *sniffle* Dial-up, sadly.

I think I'll try to coerce some family member into getting me season 6 for my birthday! *grins wickedly* There is a slim, slim chance it might work.

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