Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Randomosity with hobbit garnish.

Thanks to everyone who posted on the tenses in fanfic topic. I hope you don't mind if I don't reply to everyone individually. After all, I'm just trying to suck the smartness out of your brains and keep it for myself. *g*


I was reading slashdot today and people kept commenting about things like Jeremiah and Elijah Wood movies. I had this moment of Is this slashdot or LJ?


I went out to look for CDs and came back with DVDs. S2 of Cracker and S3 & S4 of Red Dwarf. We watched a bit of Red Dwarf and I just swooned over Rimmer. What *is* it about him that's so dead sexy? He's such a loser and rather nasty too. Which is probably what I like.

The DVDs came with a little set of trading cards of the cast, so I think I'll stick the Rimmer one up on my monitor. He's in his green uniform, so very toothsome.


Reason #3456 that Remus Lupin is lusted after by fans: He is totally in our league. He's not a great hero or devastatingly attractive or rich or powerful. If he lived in my town, I might have a chance with him.


If I were writing a story right now, it would be about some hobbits. Some lazy beer-drinking hobbits who need to Make Money Fast so they have to set up some sort of scam.

"Do you have that, Boko?" Pippin said. "When I talk about Peregrin's Amazing Brain and Vigour Tonic, you heckle me from the crowd."

"And then when you ask for volunteers, I step up." Boko picked up one of the bottles and squinted at the label. "Why is your picture on here and not mine?"

"You can hardly be my shill if you're on the label, idiot." Pippin took the bottle away and packed it into a crate. "Now get the waggon -- we want to be at the Floating Log by 4 o'clock."

Boko trotted down the lane as Pippin leaned back with his pipe. This scheme was sure to pay off. They'd be back in beer and beefsteak in no time.

"Taking a trip, are you?" Merry said.

Pippin jumped. "Must you sneak around?" He casually pushed the lid on the crate with his foot. "Boko and I had a fancy for the beer at the Log, so we thought we'd take a jaunt out there."

Merry's eyes narrowed. "I'm sure you won't mind if I go with you, then. It's lovely weather for a drive."

"Oh, it's sure to rain, Merry, and the cart's only got room for two."

"You can ride in the back, Pippin. Unless there's no room there either?" Merry was looking right at the crate and Pippin wondered how he was going to get out of this one.

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