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You can call me Hal.

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I can resist anything except temptation.
Just when I told myself I wasn't going to sign up for any more challenges for four months, I find that trelkez is starting up a Jack/Daniel ficathon.

Good thing I qualified my "no challenges" rule to be "no HP challenges". (Not no HP fic -- just no challenges for a while. And that doesn't include optional challenge communities, like hp100 or contrelamontre. Just ficathons and fests.)

Actually, this might be what I need to boost me into writing more SG-1. I still have a bit of a block, somehow, for serious stories in that fandom, especially J/D, which I love to read, but can't seem to write.

I haven't signed up yet, but I sense that I won't be able to hold out much longer. How about you?

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I misread that as Jack Daniels ficathon. :D And I thought Oh! I can do that!

I think I need an AA meeting. Stat.

Ha! What were you going to write for the Jack Daniels ficathon?

I thought the idea was you drink and write. Probably a long story about dental appliances and their plight. Or something.

it´s a virus. something in the air. we all feel we should stop signing up to things, and then turn round and do it.

but i can hold out with this one, phew, as i have no clue about j/d :)

I've already said no to two HP challenges I want to do, so I feel my self control has earned me a treat. Right? *g*

*lol* that depends - did you go out to search for things to turn down so you could feel better and justified in taking on too many other challenges, or whatever treat you want?

who´s the icon?

After looking at the list of requests to date, I don't think I'm going to dive into this one. *g* Also, anything that bills itself as a 'ficathon' doesn't exactly make me think of serious stories. I think of tiny drabbles and missing scenes, etc. But that's just me, being cranky.

Something short is what I need right now, I think. To take a few runs at it before I tackle the longer idea. Ficathons tend to vary a lot in what they produce. But I like having the challenge.

Well, if it were Jack/Sam, maybe, but otherwise... no.

I have a CSI challenge thingy sitting around staring at me that I have to do something about, soon... [sticks tongue out at computer]

They really creep up on you, don't they? I still have two (well, three, but one is almost done) outstanding HP challenges to get off in the next few weeks. At least this one isn't due until June.

Good thing I qualified my "no challenges" rule to be "no HP challenges".

Uh-huh. Don't make me bring up the bad Harry/Daniel place. Pretty soon it will be "no HP challenges...today."

*eyes you skeptically*

YOU are the sick freak that's obsessed with Harry/Daniel. (For our viewers: that's Harry Potter/Daniel Jackson. Sick, eh?) If you push me far enough, I *will* write some but you won't like it. Or probably you will, actually. Freak.

You'll use any excuse to write it, won't you. *shakes head sadly* I think there are help groups for this sort of thing.

I already called the help group and gave them your name. I decided that it would be morally wrong to enable your sickness by writing the story.

I wonder if there's a help group for friends of sick freaks.

(Deleted comment)
I always do your bidding! So I signed up. Maybe I'll get you and you'll get me.

I may do it because that way, I know I'll finish at least one story this year.

Do you have a lot of WIPs? I'm just finding it hard to get started with these two.

Several. I have no problem starting, but a lot of problem finishing.

It's me first "ficathon" (for some reason I don't count the silverlake remix. hmm. i strange.) and I fully expect to fuck it up entirely.

Also, tis 1000 words. *headdesk*

You can do it! Just write four chapters of 250 each. :)

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