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About a year ago, I was feeling like I needed new TV shows to watch so I asked people to pimp me their fandoms. Let's check in and see how all those shows are doing.

bonibaru and debchan both suggested Miracles. I watched one episode and it instantly became my favourite current show. It was dark and creepy and supernatural -- a clear successor to Millennium for me.

The next day it was cancelled.

I decided to never again give my heart to a TV show so easily.

barkley and destina made strong cases for Stargate. "Jack even drives a pick-up truck." I ordered S1 on DVD, then 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and here I am, still watching and the show hasn't been cancelled. The only thing is I don't get the eps first run here in Canada, so this is a DVD and BitTorrent fandom for me. I'm really glad I picked it up. The fans are so cool, the fic is so good, and of course there's Thor.

iamsab pimped Jeremiah to me but I didn't get interested until she told me that it was JMS's new show. She made me some tapes and then I bought the DVDs when they came out and killabeez hooked me up with S2. I'm very, very taken with the show, with the whole setting, and with the characters. (Did I mention I'm now officially in love with Markus? Pretty mouth!) But it's been cancelled, of course.

Other shows that were recommended but I never got around to checking out:

  • John Doe
  • Fastlane
  • Crossing Jordan
  • Everwood
  • Boomtown

I think Everwood and Crossing Jordan are the only ones still on the air.

So this year I've been watching Angel and then Wonderfalls. *sigh* At least my beloved Trailer Park Boys are starting S4 next Sunday.

But I've picked up Gundam Wing as a DVD fandom, LotR and HP are as grand as ever they were, and I started downloading Full Metal Alchemist, about which I will post in more detail later on.

Sooooo, got any shows you want to pimp to me just before they curl up and die?

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