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You can call me Hal.

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Teacher, mother, secret lover.

About a year ago, I was feeling like I needed new TV shows to watch so I asked people to pimp me their fandoms. Let's check in and see how all those shows are doing.

bonibaru and debchan both suggested Miracles. I watched one episode and it instantly became my favourite current show. It was dark and creepy and supernatural -- a clear successor to Millennium for me.

The next day it was cancelled.

I decided to never again give my heart to a TV show so easily.

barkley and destina made strong cases for Stargate. "Jack even drives a pick-up truck." I ordered S1 on DVD, then 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and here I am, still watching and the show hasn't been cancelled. The only thing is I don't get the eps first run here in Canada, so this is a DVD and BitTorrent fandom for me. I'm really glad I picked it up. The fans are so cool, the fic is so good, and of course there's Thor.

iamsab pimped Jeremiah to me but I didn't get interested until she told me that it was JMS's new show. She made me some tapes and then I bought the DVDs when they came out and killabeez hooked me up with S2. I'm very, very taken with the show, with the whole setting, and with the characters. (Did I mention I'm now officially in love with Markus? Pretty mouth!) But it's been cancelled, of course.

Other shows that were recommended but I never got around to checking out:

  • John Doe
  • Fastlane
  • Crossing Jordan
  • Everwood
  • Boomtown

I think Everwood and Crossing Jordan are the only ones still on the air.

So this year I've been watching Angel and then Wonderfalls. *sigh* At least my beloved Trailer Park Boys are starting S4 next Sunday.

But I've picked up Gundam Wing as a DVD fandom, LotR and HP are as grand as ever they were, and I started downloading Full Metal Alchemist, about which I will post in more detail later on.

Sooooo, got any shows you want to pimp to me just before they curl up and die?

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Don't have any shows to pimp, but I wanted to add my voice to the crowd for Full Metal Alchemist. The art styles takes some getting used to, but this is a very addictive show with really cool characters - and a lot of angst, as I'm sure you're finding out! It's my new favourite, and so I'm glad to see more people are getting into it. ^^;;;

*will stop FMA gushing now*

Feel free to gush all you want! I've been watching more eps -- just watched one this morning. It's sooooo good.

Well. I'd say go with CSI, since I enjoy the hell out of it. Several of my friends scoff at it, but I watch for Grissom and Greg. :)

Law and Order: Criminal Intent is another good one. Vincent D'Onofrio! I've also been very into Touching Evil and Andromeda. Andromeda has at least one more season to go and 2 1/2 of the seasons are on DVD right now. Touching Evil is new and Bradley Cooper just joined the cast.

Andromeda has the distinction of being the only show I was fannish about that I actually stopped watching. I loved the first season, enjoyed the second, but as Sorbo gained more control, the show got worse and worse and I got angrier and angrier. Once I found that I was A. looking forward to the commercial breaks and B. so mad whilst watching that I couldn't enjoy myself, I just decided to break it off.

I miss a lot about the show, but I don't think I'd find those things if I picked it up again. :(

Dude. Farscape. Safe because already dead.

Soooooooooo yummy. The writing, the hot women in leather, the morally fucked-up universe...just, yum.

Re: Dude. Farscape. Safe because already dead.

It's already on the list for summer viewing. :) Hopefully I can rent S1.

Have you tried Six Feet Under? It's really an amazing show -- dealing with death, life, love, sex, family and everything in between. The cast is fantastic (Michael C. Hall, Rachel Griffiths and Lauren Ambrose being big stand-outs for me), the writing is fresh and quirky, and yeah, <3 Six Feet Under.

It's an HBO show, but they're running it on Showcase here in Canada now. I'd suggest renting the DVDs, though, because I find I really enjoy it a lot more when I can watch a few eps at a time.

ooh! i change my answer! sfu is like crack. really good crack. um, not that i would know. heh. i second this rec. season two comes out on dvd shortly.

it makes me feel like my life is full of intrigue - just by virtue of living next to a funeral home.

I'd definitely second the *Farscape' recommendation. Give it at least to the end of the first season, when things really start picking up, and getting darker by leaps and bounds.

*Alias,* if you haven't already checked it out. This season is a bit iffy ("Sydney is perfect, and we should all love her"), but I adored season two (Spydaddy! Spymommy!)

*Joan of Arcadia* may be a little too sweet for you, but it has it's moments (it is currently my *squee!* show).

And because I'm in love, and currently pimping in any case (if you're interested in movies as well), check out *Ginger Snaps.*

Oh! And since you're a Canadian, you may have access to YTV. If so, give Big Wolf on Campus a try (yes, it's silly, and dorky, and slashy as anything, and I love, love, love it).

And there are a lot of interesting shows--new and old, popular and obscure--on Space, if you have the channel.

I pretty much feel that my lj is fannishly all-Yu-Gi-Oh!, all the time, so no further pimping is necessary... but since you asked. :)

Pretty boys, angst, silliness, Egyptian mythology, bountiful slashines with every kind of pairing you can imagine (best friends, rivals, enemies, brothers, partners in crime, buddies, two souls sharing a single body...), a game that's actually really fun to play (although the anime doesn't always follow the rules of the real game), and anime hair!

The dubbed version is readily available, but for the real crack you need the subbed Hong Kong DVDs. And the manga.

I'll keep that one in mind for when I need more anime. :) I wonder if I can d/l subs -- I'm *so* not into dubs. And the hair is indeed amazing!

Firefly! Oh, wait. Dammit.

ok, i was going to make that same exact post. d'oh.

gilmore girls? not so much for fandom but it's a good show.

the o.c. has good slashiness but is otherwise pretty craptastic.

along with angel and tlc i think those are the only things i watch.

Significant Others on Bravo is my new favorite show- not destined to become a fandom, but side-splittingly hilarious nonetheless. I keep dragging people over to my house to watch it.

I shall think on that one. Thanks. :)

Seconding the Touching Evil rec.
Also, I hear Boomtown might be coming out on DVD.

I admit, I'm rather dubious about *any* American remake of a good British show. They always seem to miss the point somehow.

I have a thing for Steve Valentine's character on Crossing Jordan. He terrorizes people with his sexual ambiguity for fun, he loves to talk, and he has a heart of mush -- all things I find charming. I'm falling for a lot of the other characters, too. Ivan Sergei hasn't been given enough to do, but there's going to be more ensemble work this season.

Sounds intriguing! Especially terrorizing people with sexual ambiguity for fun -- maybe I should list that as an LJ interest. *g*

I haven't seen any opportunities for manly men pickup truck sex in "Touching Evil" yet, but I like it anyway.

But I really think that you and Farscape are a good match. It's whacky and cancelled.

I've randomly watched some FS and not really gotten into it, but I plan to make a more concerted effort come the summer. By then I hopefully should have cleared my plate of my media and writing backlog. *g*

The fans are so cool, the fic is so good, and of course there's Thor.

Do you slash Thor at all? (As I think you know, loneraven's been pimping this fandom at/to me, but the only pairing that makes sense to me so far is Jack/Thor.)

I've written one humour piece about them. I would like to do some actual serious Jack/Thor someday. In the meantime, this is what I've got: Happily Ever After.

But you really should read Gone Fishin' by Kai. That's the stuff.

This is Wonderland, Monday nights on CBC.

See here for the full pimp.


I've heard good things but unfortunately, Monday is the night I can't watch *or* tape.

(Deleted comment)
Damn. Brad Dourif *and* Ian McShane (the hottest Judas ever in Jesus of Nazareth)? You're making me want cable.

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