Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Jam tomorrow.

I missed the LJ poetry and the random polls and there are tracker probs so I can't get the last five eps of FMA that I need. *twitch* But the Harry/Neville is finally starting to work so I should have that and my remix story done in good time.

In the meantime, let us turn to HP, as we so often do. I got to wondering the other day whether Hogwarts has a tuck shop and if not, why not. I did find a reference in PS that seems to indicate there is one:

Harry swallowed and looked around him. He realized he must be in the hospital wing. He was lying in a bed with white linen sheets, and next to him was a table piled high with what looked like half the sweet shop.

I can't imagine that refers to the shop in Hogsmeade, since most of Harry's friends wouldn't be able to go there yet.

So, who runs it? What kind of selection does it have? Why does it never seem to show up in fic? (Or in the books, either.) It's not that I think there should be some whole sweet shop genre, but it would be nifty to see it used now and again.

What things do you think are underused in HP fic? What would it be cool to see in a story?

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