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You can call me Hal.

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One more day.
This is just to rejoice that this is my last workday until Monday. I took an extra day off this weekend so with the stat I have four days. I plan to use this time to catch up on fandom.

Primarily I have things to watch -- Jeremiah, Stargate -- and things to write -- Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter. (All for challenges -- when those are done, I'll be branching out a bit more.) I would add FMA to the "things to watch" only I finished it last night and now it comes under "things to angst about". More on that later.

With luck, I'll also catch up on my backlog of email to read and respond to, some random LJ comments I still have left, and any other forms of fannish communication I'm behind on.

I love being able to just suck a TV show down episode after episode. I fondly remember my December break when I watched through all of Gundam Wing in less than a week. It's much eaiser to get emotionally invested -- there's so much tension that doesn't get broken by commercial breaks or waiting a week for the next installment. Watching B5 S4 that way nearly killed me, actually, I got so emotional over it.

That was also the way I read OotP for the first time. All in one go, with the same amount of tension as watching a new Buffy episode, so nervous about what canon was going to throw our way. The second read was much more book-like and enjoyable.

Ack, going to be late. Just a few more hours and the media-fest can begin!

ETA: I saw on slashdot yesterday that SciFi is doing a Ringworld mini-series. My first thought: I wonder how that will affect my Google ranking?

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I love reading/watching things in the same way, when I can. Read OotP single-shot overnight, with a break for pizza rolls halfway through.

Am currently wallowing in Spike TV's Star Trek:DS9 marathon, even though it's not really one of my favorite series. The concept of show after show will get me watching just about anything. =)

Ooh, DS9! I'd like to invest in those DVDs sometime. It's my fave Trek series.

It's the one I've watched and enjoyed the most of the Trek TV series, but I'm not much of a Trek girl.

I'm still gunning for cheap B5 series DVDs, or a major return to syndication.

You find the current B5 DVDs too expensive? After my X-Files sticker shock, they don't seem so bad. *g* Or are they not available in your area?

$80 a season best I can find, maybe $70 used if I'm lucky. I don't know how that compares to some other series, but I'm used to collecting Buffy at $50 a pop, so I'm going "eep!"

There's not really that many used series out there, so I guess folks hang on to their B5 sets, which would be reassuring if I could afford them.

Plus, I caved and bought Freaks and Geeks today, so I'm back to broke for now. *grins ruefully*

I'm with you -- nothing beats marathoning. I am often thwarted, however, as none of the people I hang out with (including pretty much any of my lovers) has had the stamina that I have; they're ready to pack it in after two or three episodes. Maddening.

Sounds like you'll have a busy weekend, but an exciting one.

*Scared* of a Ringworld mini-series. Not as scared as I am of the Earthsea one, but still.

I almost always do my marathoning alone. So much easier logistically, plus I have a tendency to yell at the TV when I'm excited/worried/mad/happy. And if it's something that I'm getting emotional about, I'd rather have that reaction alone.

And, yes, I'm scared of the Ringworld mini-series too. But, hey, maybe there will be lots of rishathra. *g*

I'm enjoying the thought of you yelling at the TV. (: I guess I can understand wanting to keep your emotional responses to yourself, but I do miss sharing them with others when I marathon alone.

I'll never forget marathoning Farscape (my first time through the series) while on lots of narcotic painkillers after my surgery last year. Talk about surreal. It's not like the show isn't twisted enough by itself!

Today's FS pimpery brought to you by Vicodin.

Also: Mmm. Rishathra.

I am dying to marathon. I was so tempted to call in sick this morning and marathon away. Actually, I'm just dying to watch TV. I haven't done so in a week, and I've got catching up to do. But after I'm caught up, I want to marathon B5.

B5 is a great show to marathon b/c so much of it is about the arc. Oh, I want to start all over again with that one now. I can still feel the tension of S4. It was so intense, just watching ep after ep.

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