Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Back to the beginning.

Wrote a drabble for the hp100 LJ Entry challenge: the LJ of Sirius Black, My Fucking Life.

In the spirit of All Media Marathon Weekend (current tally: 8 eps Jeremiah, 3 eps Stargate, 1 movie, 1 MST3K), I started a re-read of Philosopher's Stone. Some things I noticed this time around:

* Hagrid knits on the train. He's very domestic!

* Draco's dialogue: "I say, look at that man!" Topping, what?

* During the Quidditch match, there are bits that aren't from Harry's POV. (All the business where Ron and Hermione think that Snape is jinxing Harry's broom.) This discovery seemed more exciting in the pub after two pints of beer and a glass of wine ("Fuck me!") than it does now. But still.

* When the kids discover Fluffy, Neville is along. I think the movie must have driven that out of my head.

* When Hermione unlocks the door with Alohomora, she grabs Harry's wand out of his hand and uses it. That seems like it must be a breach of wand etiquette, but I wonder how bad it is. Like grabbing the mouse at someone else's computer? Like making love to someone else's wife? Somewhere in the middle?

* Writing fic has given me a great affection for almost every single one of the characters. Every time someone new shows up, I have an inner squee. Harry (sweetie!), Percy (honey!), Fred (sweetie!), George (oh, my darling George!), Ron (Weasely is our king!), etc, etc, etc, down to Flint, Wood, and Mrs Norris. It's like I feel I have a personal connection to them now, any of them that I've written about.

* OK, I didn't just notice this today, but really, Sirius, why do you have a motorcycle so big that Hagrid can ride it?

* This is a damned entertaining book.

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