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You can call me Hal.

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Res gestae
And the All Media Marathon Weekend is ovah! It was really, really great. Here's what I accomplished:

* 8 episodes Jeremiah
* 5 episodes Stargate
* 1 episode Wonderfalls
* 1 episode Trailer Park Boys!!! (Season 4 begins! I've waited so long.)
* 1 episode Red Dwarf

* Bubba Ho-Tep (excellent!)
* Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (also excellent!)

* The Legend of Boggy Creek II (aiee!!!!!)
* half of Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (I fell asleep halfway through, though I woke up for every anteater joke)

* completed draft of Harry/Neville Woobies of Destiny fic
* completed edits of Remix fic
* Closeted (Harry/Draco, NC17, 1000 words)
* My Fucking Life (The LJ of Sirius Black, PG13, drabble)
* Fastidious (Percy/Oliver, PG, drabble)
* developed idea for Percy Ficathon story
* developed idea for short 1x2 fic, which I hope to use in next week's gw500 challenge
* did a beta for a friend
* petted my Stargate and GW ideas and told them it won't be long now

Alcohol Consumed
* 4 pints of beer
* 3 glasses of wine

Peeps Consumed
* 0

* most of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Sadly, I'm still behind on email, fanfic reading, and my website redesign. But I think I did pretty well. I wanted to get through more Stargate, but the weather was so gorgeous I spent more time on pub patios than I'd meant to. I hope to get some write-ups done this week on Jeremiah, FMA, and Stargate.

And speaking of marathons, I have a ticket to a LotR marathon in two weeks! W00t! I should start planning now for how I'm going to survive.

I suppose now I should try to remember how to do my job. One forgets these things over a long weekend.

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Man, I loved that stupid movie. It managed to be a total B movie and a sad musing on the aged in this country at the same time.

"Don't make me use my stuff on ya..."

"They *dyed* me this color!"

And Eternal Sunshine is completely wonderful and moving and different, too. Good choices!

I thought Bruce Campbell was brilliant. His performance was so understated, not at all what you'd expect from the premise. I want to see it again now.



on tape, disc or the computer?

which what?
ooops, sorry *g*
i meant generally if you watched those things on tape or on computer discs or whatever.

and i´ve just come out of "big fish" loooonging to see bubba ho-tep *goes to look at amazon.co.uk*

A bit of a mix. Some DVD, some tapes, some downloads. :)

The Legend of Boggy Creek II

Hee! One of my faves. I am now filled with Mystie love just thinking about it.

I actually didn't think I'd survive it! I found the protagonist sooooooo creepy. And why did the skinny kid keep taking his shirt off? Aieee!

But the girls. The makeup! The "acting"! And yes, the very creepy protagonist.

Just briliantly godawful.

Movie marathon survival: Movie marathon survival: LotR marathon survival:

1) pillow/cushion for your seat
2) traveler's neck pillow
3) huge bottle of water
4) time bathroom breaks to Arwen's appearances
5) seated yoga stretches including all-important toe-wiggling

Your weekend sounds fab. Glad you had so much fun. We went to Santa Cruz, where we had a lovely time, but the weather was Teh Sux0r.

Re: Movie marathon survival:

I have most of those things. :) (I guess I'll have to learn the yoga.) I'm hoping to sit in the front row (the screen is well back) so I want to fix up some sort of portable footstool too.

I have pre-planned bathroom breaks during FotR and TTT,but I don't have a good place picked out in RotK. Hmm. Also I need to figure out food.

I'm glad I didn't do this right when RotK premiered -- I think it would have spoiled my intial viewing. (Or, really, my second viewing, since I got to go to a sneak preview. Every year, actually. I'm still gloating.) But now I feel ready to enjoy it. Plus the uni theatre seems a more comfortable venue than the giant theatre at the mall.

I'm smiling about it already. :)

Re: Movie marathon survival:

Seated stretches for computer users, most of which you can do in the theatre without anyone noticing or, for that matter, missing any of the film.

Food. Yeah. Do they let you bring it in, or do you have to smuggle it in your coat pockets? Beef jerky is good, as it's small, requires neither heat nor refrigeration, and provides a lot of nutritional value.

I'm just ignoring the gloating. (:

Re: Movie marathon survival:

There's no problem with bringing food in. And I often take along Chardonney in a Sobe bottle. :) Thanks for the stretches!

I like anything that has the word write and the word Jeremiah in close proximity, especially when it comes from Hal.

*I* am near done with the edits on this Remix (I kiss you!), after which -- and with a brief B5 Ficathon interruption -- I am taking the gloves off on this Markus fic. I am writing the fuck out of it, yo.

Just in case that's any encouragement. For you to, you know, do more things with the word write and the word Jeremiah in close proximity.

I'm not quite at the fic-pondering point (OK, except for visions of Simms/Jeremiah non-con that dance in my head -- when did I become such a sicko?) but some writing about the arc may help that. (Plus I should make some icons too.)

I can't wait until you post the Remix fic! And what are you writing for B5?

I started getting interested in SG-1 fandom at 10am this morning and have since read My First Stargate Story. I managed to accidentally bite my thumb through laughing so much - especially at the Teal'c bits! Thanks. :)

Woo hoo! I'm glad to hear it, both about my story and about Stargate in general. If you're looking for recs, there's a post in my memories (actually, it's the only post in my memories) from when I got into the fandom and people pimped vids and archives and rec sites to me.

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