Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Res gestae

And the All Media Marathon Weekend is ovah! It was really, really great. Here's what I accomplished:

* 8 episodes Jeremiah
* 5 episodes Stargate
* 1 episode Wonderfalls
* 1 episode Trailer Park Boys!!! (Season 4 begins! I've waited so long.)
* 1 episode Red Dwarf

* Bubba Ho-Tep (excellent!)
* Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (also excellent!)

* The Legend of Boggy Creek II (aiee!!!!!)
* half of Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (I fell asleep halfway through, though I woke up for every anteater joke)

* completed draft of Harry/Neville Woobies of Destiny fic
* completed edits of Remix fic
* Closeted (Harry/Draco, NC17, 1000 words)
* My Fucking Life (The LJ of Sirius Black, PG13, drabble)
* Fastidious (Percy/Oliver, PG, drabble)
* developed idea for Percy Ficathon story
* developed idea for short 1x2 fic, which I hope to use in next week's gw500 challenge
* did a beta for a friend
* petted my Stargate and GW ideas and told them it won't be long now

Alcohol Consumed
* 4 pints of beer
* 3 glasses of wine

Peeps Consumed
* 0

* most of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Sadly, I'm still behind on email, fanfic reading, and my website redesign. But I think I did pretty well. I wanted to get through more Stargate, but the weather was so gorgeous I spent more time on pub patios than I'd meant to. I hope to get some write-ups done this week on Jeremiah, FMA, and Stargate.

And speaking of marathons, I have a ticket to a LotR marathon in two weeks! W00t! I should start planning now for how I'm going to survive.

I suppose now I should try to remember how to do my job. One forgets these things over a long weekend.
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