Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Parts per thousand.

I sent off both my Woobies of Destiny and Remix challenge stories this morning. I'm free! Free! For about a day, maybe.

There's a restless feeling that comes with this kind of challenge story. I'm in the limbo between finishing and public posting. The work is done, the gratification is yet to come. Dammit, where's my feedback?

So, in lieu of that, let me pose a question: How much M/F content does it take to make a slash story also a het story?

If you were writing a story which was meant not to contain any het, for whatever reason -- list rules, challenge request, personal slasher's code -- would you consider that any of these scenarios cross the "het line"? Assume that all stories also have significant slash content and likely explicit M/M or F/F sex.

* Jack and Daniel are beginning a relationship. Daniel has some brief thoughts about Sha're and what she would think about it.

* Draco is dating Pansy because it's expected of him, but he's fucking Harry every chance he gets. Draco kisses her distractedly, but he's looking past her shoulder to lock eyes with Harry across the room.

* Erin comes on to Markus, but he brushes her off because of his torrid affair with Jeremiah.

* Talia and Ivanova have a fight. Talia talks to Garibaldi at a bar and his obvious interest in her cheers her up.

* Han goes to bed with Luke, but he's thinking about Leia the whole time.

* Mulder fucks Krycek, then comes home and fucks Scully. Scully finds out and shoots Mulder in the head.


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