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You can call me Hal.

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I'm not sure who squealed louder at the sight of Adam Baldwin, me or the Boy. When he put his fist right through that guy, I yelled, "Knowle!" Later, the Boy started to sing the Hero of Canton song and I babbled about Lucky Thirteen, my imaginary Stargate spin-off.

Let's just say we like the man. Looking forward to more.

And this is the third Mar(c|k)us on my fannish radar. It sort of makes this icon weirdly meta, don't you think?

This was a weird episode, though. Weird in tone, weird in pacing. Trying to pick up momentum after so long a hiatus, I suppose, but not succeeding. (And damn, commercials! We hates them!)

As usual, I don't have deep thoughts, just shallow ones. Here they are.

* Spike's briefcase!

* Spike's briefcase full of beer!

* I hate to say it, but the Wesley/Ilyria "plot" is so boring I wanted to pick up my book and read. Or maybe poke my eyes out with a spork. I refrained out of respect for Wes. But they'd better *do* something soon. Sex, death, whatever, just so they stop talking. I found Ilyria's dialogue very stilted and over-written. "In my day, nightmares stalked the earth in daylight blah blah smurfcakes." Sure. But maybe she'll turn out to be a big fake.

* WTF is up with Gunn? That had better not be the last of him. It seems a pretty sad farewell.

* Lindsey seems really soft now. Where's the burning I-hate-you-please-fuck-me vibe? Where's the evil hand? Don't he and Angel get to ride off into the sunset together?

* Adam Baldwin is very big.

* Yet Another Apocaplyse. Only this time it's real. Uh huh. Bored now.

* Yay to Harmony in the credits! And she didn't die!

* Angel was ... a big lump of nothing.

You know, I think the shine is off this show for me. *sigh* Not what I really wanted on its way out the door.

BTW, we don't get the previews for next week here, so please don't spoil me for that in comments.

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just want to say that i didn't intentionally steal your icon theme here. but now that i see and recognize yours, i think i was subconsciously trying to recreate it. hrm.

No worries. :) "Big dumb boyfriend" is hardly an original thought.

I keep wondering if I should retire this icon, but then Adam Baldwin keeps turning up on all the shows I watch, so I continue to have need of it. *g*

Your icon hahaha rules the Verse.

I think I feel pretty much the same about the show in general as you do. Except that I don't love the pants off the guy from Firefly. He's ok, though. *g*

Refusing to believe that was the last of Gunn. No no no!

I didn't know how much I loved Adam Baldwin until he was on Stargate earlier this year. I had a mini-freakout. *g*

Yeah, I don't think that's the last of Gunn -- they didn't make enough of a fuss about it.

and I babbled about Lucky Thirteen, my imaginary Stargate spin-off.


You mean it's not real?

How much better than Atlantis would that be? SG-13 were all so cool. *sigh*

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