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You can call me Hal.

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Trilogy Marathon
I didn't do a Trilogy Tuesday in December, but next Saturday I will be going to a LotR marathon in a local theatre. Yay! I'm trying to make my survival plan now. If you went to Trilogy Tuesday, what was your survival strategy? Did it work? Was it fun? Would you do it again?

Also: I have pre-planned bathroom breaks in FotR and TTT, but I was only able to get to RotK three times (due to a combination of Peter Pan, challenge fics, and some very bad headaches) and so I never worked out the best place to duck out. Recommendations? I don't want to miss a moment of Merry or Pippin, mostly.

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Arwen's vision is a good place to duck out. The Elves are riding and walking, she sees the possible future with her son, la la, turns around, goes back to Rivendell, talks to Elrond, etc.

That's a good thought -- that way that scene won't make me cry! *g*

I am insanely jealous that you are going to a trilogy.

Nowhere - I tell you nowhere in London have they shown all three together. And on the two days prior to the release of RoTK that the Odeon deigned to show FoTR and TTT consecutively - what time did the showings start? 10:30am! Now that's a real help to those of us working.

*grumble, grumble* ::emanation of waves of jealousy::

But hope you enjoy *g*

I'll try to enjoy it enough for both of us. *g*

(Deleted comment)
There are breaks between the movies, but I find I'm more comfortable if I can go out in the middle too, espeically since FotR and TTT are the extended versions. I guess I'm getting old. *g*

i´ll just second what they said. there will be breaks (cinema wants to sell beverages) but if you have to, go during arwen´s vision and maybe the ghost scene in the mountains (unless you like viggo). i just realize that i´ve only seen rotk once! *stunned*

I like to have things all planned out. :) I can wait through the whole movie if I have to, but I'm usually not that comfortable by the end if I do.

well, i strongly recommend the spider scene then. at least the web-part.

and what i said before, vision and ghosts. that should be nicely spaced. ;)

If your theatre let's you bring food - that is cool. If not find a way to smuggle something in. We brought tangerines and they were so good against all the popcorn/greasy food.

I also made lembas cause I am such a geek. I made short bread and cut it into triangles. Then packaged in dark green paper leaves with gold veins. It was so much fun to pull out our lembas when they had them on screen! If we had more time - I'd mail you some. :( I still have leaves and it is easy to make shortbread.

We did trilogy Tuesday and it was surreal. But I don't regret it at all.

The theatre will probably have breaks between the films, no?

Your lembas sounds lovely! Actually, shortbread is a good idea. I can take food in no problem -- it's a uni theatre and they don't mind. Fruit is also a good thought. Maybe cheese and crackers, if they're not too noisy.

The movies have a lot of loud sequences. Just eat during battles. :D

Let's see. I suggest wearing something really, really comfortable. We wore pajamas and brought pillows to lean against. If the theater is okay with food, I suggest bringing your own because most places love to gouge you on that. We also did a food run during TTT which helped a lot. As for a place to pee during RotK, I never figured that out either. The boything suggested during the scene where Aragorn is searching the mountain for the dead soldiers, but I couldn't bring myself to leave.

Trilogy Tuesday was wonderful. I would do it again in a heartbeat. :)

Good thought about the pillow! And yeah, I think the Paths of the Dead is probably the best place to go out. Anyhow, the ghost soldiers always make me think of Pirates of the Caribbean and that sort of breaks the mood. *g*

They are eerily similiar to the PotC ghosts. I can see how that would break the mood. ;)

Have fun!

Hmm. While they're climbing up before they get to...

*loses name of big spider. had it a minute ago... and now have thought Aragog which is, um, no, but has crowded out correct name...*

Fuck. Anyway. Big Spider. ?

That would be no Merry/Pippin, anyway

Hee! Shelob could take Aragog any day of the week.

It's good that you have planned breaks during FOTR and TTT, but I recommend just HOLDING IT for ROTK. I'm sure that the theatre will have breaks in between the films for you guys so I'm assumung it should be fine.

Wear the most comfortable clothing possible. Maybe even bring a pillow. You won't regret it. If you're comfy in your PJ bottoms and bunny slippers wear those *thoughI wouldn't recommend that for movie restrooms*.

Eat ice instead of drinking soda or water. You stay hydrated and you don't have to go to the bathroom as often. Ice is the key.

Make sure you get up and stretch between movies. Walk around, chit-chat with other fans. They're great and exciteable. One guy kept showing me his custom-made 'one ring' out of 24 carat gold...he was so proud he kept handing it to me. *grin*

Have fun! The trilogy was one of the best movie-going experiences of my life...I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

It sounds like you had a great time! And great advice. :)

Yet another jealous person here. Theatrical or extended FotR and TTT?

RotK bathroom break is difficult because the Arwen bit starts only 40 minutes in, if I remember correctly. I also thought about leaving for the sword-waving in the Paths of the Dead the last time I saw it, but then decided to stick it out.

The thing I hate most about sitting for a long time is what it does to my legs. The last time I saw RotK I took off my shoes so I could sit cross-legged for a while, but that only works if you have large seats or an uncrowded theater. And clean socks.

Have a great time!

Extended versions! So lots more Merry & Pippin in TTT. Mmmmm.

I'll be sitting in the front row, if at all possible (the screen is far back, so it's fine) which should give me lots of leg room. If I can, I'll bring a little collapsable foot stool too.

1) Bring a seat cushion.
2) Wear a long sleeve shirt over a t-shirt, and bring another shirt or blanket, just in case.
3) Only buy small sodas with no ice, and sip throughout the movie instead of drinking during the first third. You can make it through an entire movie without going to pee.
4) Pee before every movie. If you get the opportunity, pee twice.
5) Do not sit near groups of teenage girls, particularly if there are cloaks/sparkles involved, and they don't look like fen. They may be Orlando Bloom fans, and they talk.
6) Don't buy salty snacks that will make you want to drink more.
7) Don't forget the cushion!

Re: Trilogy survival

Good advice, esp about the layering! I can't imagine there will be too many Orlando fangirls there, so that should be fine. The last time I saw RotK, though, there was a knot of girls in the back who all burst out clapping at Sam and Rosie's wedding. *g*

They became pirates? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

*wanders off through cyberspace*

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