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Reruns, communities, and drabble

I just have to finish my Percy ficathon story and then my HP challenge responsibilities will be done. I'm not allowed to sign up for any more HP challenges until I've posted 2 Stargate stories and my Wufei story. This doesn't preclude things like contrelamontre or just writing HP for fun, but no more HP challenges with deadlines and responsibilities. I say this so you can call me on it if I start to weaken.

Some new HP communities to let you know about:

hp_pg for PG13 and tamer fic. Slash, het, and gen are all allowed. Per dorrie6's request, I posted an old fic there: The Importance of Grooming, Hermione/George, Christmas at the Burrow.

erotic_elves for R and NC17 het fic. Mmm, hetsmut! I was trying to write a new piece for the launch, but it was taking too long so I posted another old fic instead: Summer Thing, Hermione/Fred+George (no slash), NC17, Summer at the Burrow. With luck, I'll get the new piece done soon.

shacking_up for Sirius/Remus fics, art, and recs. Not much there right now, but I'm sure it will fill up quickly.

And the drabbles are overflowing for mctabby's Sorting Cat celebration.

Here's mine, written for wiltedwater (after Harry takes Polyjuice to look like Draco, Draco walks in accidentally).

Harry went over his checklist one more time. Everything seemed to be in order so he took his beaker of Polyjuice, added one blond hair, and drank.

His body twisted and Harry groaned. Just as the transformation was complete, the door opened. Harry groaned again. He'd forgotten to lock it.

In walked the worst person imaginable.

Draco's mouth hung open as he stared. "Who--what--how dare you--" He glanced around at the cameras set up around the room. "What's going on?"

"I'm Crabbe," Harry said. "I was going to take some heroic pictures of you for your birthday."

"Oh," Draco said and smirked. "I'll leave you to it, then."

Harry locked the door this time.

Fifteen minutes wasted! He'd have to hurry. Harry shucked off his robes and struck the first pose.

Playwitch would pay well for these.

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