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FMA 28

I'm not sure it's readily apparent just how obsessed I am with Full Metal Alchemist right now, since I haven't been posting about it. But I started watching over from the beginning (I just watched three eps now, before work), I'm reading the manga, I'm thinking about it constantly, I have that buzzy crush feeling.

I think after a while this will fall off to normal fannish levels, but you gotta love being in love while it lasts, eh?

I keep meaning to write up something about the eps to date and then getting behind and then yet another ep drops and I get more behind. So, I'm just going to start current and maybe get to the older eps later.

I found Episode 28 pretty hard to watch, actually. I love the flashbacks to ickle Ed and Al -- they're both so darn cute. But this was really harsh. I understand, I think, what Izumi was trying to do and it was obvious from the start that they were being watched over, but, my god, those kids were all of, what, 10 and 11? They're afraid, alone, hungry, cold, wet, and deliberately terrorized.

When I saw them so ill after being poisoned by mushrooms, it broke my heart. And then to see them deliberately beaten by a huge adult man -- supposedly for their own good! That made me feel pretty sick. (God, I'm getting upset just writing about it.) I could suspend my feelings about most of it, but not that.

Apart from that, I really like Izumi (and she is SO hot). I look forward to more information about her dark and twisted past.

It's always a treat to see how stubborn Ed is, even so young. He just won't let anything stand in his way. And their growing confidence was good, even if it meant the rabbit had to die. *g*

Looking forward to finding out more about the mystery kid with the mis-matched arms. There's a total arm shortage on this show. They have to keep swapping them from person to person or something.

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