Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Not entirely gratuitous icon post.

Behold, the flying monkeys! Or monkey. The rest of them are just off-frame. Now I can have revenge on anyone who annoys me. And never have to go out to get coffee.

I have finally got Percy laid and now he's off to beta. Or be beta-ed, rather. Given his reaction when I suggested he might like to write the story ("I do not write depraved filth like this."), he probably wouldn't be interested in doing the beta. He did seem to enjoy being in the story. I think. He seemed a bit embarrassed, though.

I tried a sort of interesting thing when writing this. I had a terrible time getting started. I knew what I wanted to have happen, but getting the prose out was torture. So I wrote about a third of it in "badfic" style. Well, more like mediocre fic. Just a really plain account of what was happening. Sort of like:

Percy was trying to get up his nerve to talk to Oliver, but whenever he tried, he started to hiccup and couldn't stop. About the fifth time this happened, Oliver cast a hiccup-cure charm on Percy. Then Percy no longer had a psychosomatic excuse not to talk. He talked to Oliver about Quidditch, but then Oliver got going on some obscure points of the game and Percy got really bored. He started to question why he was trying to chat up Oliver in the first place.

Then I took that version and tarted it up. It helped a lot. (It's not actually a Percy/Oliver story, btw.)

Speaking of Percies, I've been watching Blackadder II this week. I have such a thing for sarcasm and no one, no one is as cuttingly and devestatingly sarcastic as Blackadder. And in this series, he's so hot too! The facial hair, the earring. *fans self*

I really enjoy the relationship between Blackadder and Percy. Edmund insults Percy constantly and Percy is pathetically grateful that Edmund keeps him round at all. His loyalty and love does not waver. My god, in Money, he does all those extremely depraved things with the baby-eating Bishop of Bath and Wells, so that Edmund wouldn't be murdered. I almost can't laugh at that scene, it's so touching.

And now I must send my monkeys out on an errand. Fly! Fly! Fly!

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