Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Expecto Patronum

The hp100 challenge this week was to write about someone conjuring a Patronus. I wrote two drabbles, then realised one broke the community rules, so it's posted here instead, behind the jolly old cut tag.


Happy Thoughts

Extra pocket money from Father for chocolates.

No, not yet.

A birthday cake with brilliant candles and presents heaped beside it.

Still nothing.

Christmas holidays, snowball fights in the back garden.

Not enough -- something happier.

Harry and Draco in an empty hallway. You know why we're here, Draco whispers and pushes Harry against the wall. Harry doesn't answer and his mouth is contemptuous. So Draco kisses him. Harry opens his mouth and Draco can taste the contempt, there under Harry's tongue. But all that matters is that Harry is kissing him back, pressing their bodies close together.

And Wendy flew.

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