Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Stargate and deep thought.

I link you to: Multiverse 2004: The Many Worlds Space Show Crossover Ficathon. kestrelsan, may I please have permission to sign up?

Continuing in the Space Show vein, I have a Stargate question to pose to you:

What are the major themes of Stargate: SG-1?

I've been thinking about some of my fandoms and their themes and it occurred to me that I didn't have any idea, really, about Stargate.

Co-operation with others? That seems to be emphasized in an off-world way, but not so much here at home, despite the way they harass the Langarans about it.

Aliens are people too? Certainly, Daniel preached this one. Except when the aliens were Goa'uld.

Too much technology can be a bad thing? Yeah, mostly. What with the replicators and all.

Snakes are bad? Yup. Well, except for the Tok'ra. Only maybe they're not too nice either.

Frankly, I'm stumped. I'm not all that good at this sort of thing, but Stargate is feeling a little unfocused to me, theme-wise. What do you think?

(The Stargate theme song should probably be "I don't like spiders and snakes, but that's not what it takes to love me." *g*)

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