Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,


* O curséd spite! I'm a little tired of time travel. Just sayin'.

* So, Wes is crazy in an entirely new way now. A messy hair way. I always like Wes, whatever kind of crazy he is, but grim death crazy is a little more sexy than tip-toeing through the tulips textbooks crazy. Though I did like the way he moved.

* Just shut up already, Illyria. "In them days we was glad to have the price of a cup o' tea. A cup o' cold tea. Without milk or sugar. Or tea."

* Have I been watching too many lawyer shows? When Gunn was looking for loopholes in the contract, I started freaking out because he was betraying his client. Jeez, Wolfram and Hart should have hired James Spader, I mean, Alan Shore. *ponders Alan and Marcus in a verbal sparring match* *dies*

* I had a little "Eee! Sam and Jack!" moment when Wes was explaining how his freaky gun worked and Angel told him to shut up and just say if it would work or not.

* What's organic cola? What's inorganic about the cola we drink now?

* I wonder if we'll get to see the senior partners before the end. I kind of hope not. I doubt anything could live up to the years of hype.

* When are you going to say something, Wes? Please say something.

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