Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

In which it is revealed that I am a sick, sick woman.

I don't often do the meme thing, not sure why. But there's that one going around right now where you find your 23rd LJ entry and take the 5th line and post it. I was curious, so I looked.

There's only one line on that page: I wasn't going to do any more Bruise Porn until the weekend, but...

Oh my god, it's that pic of Luke Skywalker I photoshopped (or GIMPed, rather) to be all bruised and cut. minitrog had issued a challenge to "produce some seriously ouchie pics" and so we diligently beat up our darlings for her.

Here's the one I did of Luke:

Beaten Luke

The original image, for comparison:

Unbeaten Luke

And one of poor Xander:

Bruised Xander

I don't think the Xander is as good an effect as Luke, but still. I recall that I was working on a pic of Frodo and Sam where I was trying to make it look like Frodo had been mistreating Sam, but it wasn't coming out that well. Now I'm getting the urge to try again...
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