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You can call me Hal.

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le weekend

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments on my "why all the men?" post. I'm working my way through replies.

Comments on FMA 30 later, but for now, check out these scans from Newtype. (Not scanned by me.) Especially this pic of Hughes and Roy. They're in casual clothes and Roy, particularly, looks amazing.

Not exactly Stargate
Saturday we went to a local production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and I learned that it's now impossible for me to watch/read anything about Ancient Egypt without running it through the Stargate filter. I did manage to restrain myself from shouting out "Jaffa kree!" when the jackal-headed guards took their bow. Also, Joseph's initial costume looked a lot like Luke Skywalker, which seemed appropriate.

I stayed up late to watch SNL and catch the HP sketch. How hilarious! And I admit that I went all "My fic!" at the Fred/Hermione/George bit. I must ponder writing some more about them.

Afterwards, there was an SNL re-run and lo! David Duchovney playing Mulder in a sketch where Janet Reno is putting the moves on him. It made me very wistful about TXF. And then I went to bed.

The Practice
Shatner! James Spader! OMG, Elanor! That is all.

I went to see Kill Bill today, which was very enjoyable. More on that later. But, damn, I've got to find a way to see a movie without getting a huge fucking headache. Good thing I can get codeine over the counter. :)

I've been re-reading Snow Crash, as you can probably tell from my icon. I'd forgotten how odd the pacing is. There are huge info-dumps and then strange action sequences. I love it. I also re-read Zodiac not long ago, which was very cool. I still haven't made it all the way through Quicksilver though. I loved the first section, but I'm bogged down in the second. I think the dialogue is too clever for me there.

Fic posted this week
HP: Tidings of Comfort and Joy - Snape/Percy, NC17, for the Percy Ficathon
GW: A LIttle Less Conversation - Heero/Duo, R-ish, for gw500
LotR: I Love To Go A-Wandering - Merry/Pippin, PG, for contrelamontre


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And I admit that I went all "My fic!" at the Fred/Hermione/George bit. I must ponder writing some more about them.

I thought of you when I saw that bit :-)

Yeah, I'm a bit vocal about them. *g*

Oh, hell. I missed a Harry Potter sketch? Was it funny enough to go looking for?

I also downloaded a file but it's no longer posted where it was. I've uploaded it to my site -- just right-click and download. I'll probably take it down after 24 hours or so. (It's mono for some reason, but better than nothing.)

http://iamkirok.com/temp/snl_050104.zip (16 MB wmv)

Joseph = Luke Skywalker? Yeah, I can get behind that. It's not far from, "Hey, mom, dad, bros--I had this really cool dream where you were all humiliating yourselves in front of me!" to "I want to be a Jedi like my father".

Re movie viewing: Have you tried sitting in the back row? That's what I do whenever my exceedingly near-sighted husband will let me. *g* I've never gotten over the blinding headache and nausea I experienced after seeing Out of Africa in the front row. *makes giant waving grasses motion with hand--not unlike Jedi mind trick*

I'd forgotten what a jerk Joseph is. Not that he deserved what his brothers did, but he could have been a bit more diplomatic with them! All in all, an odd story.

Hmm, I've never tried sitting *that* far back. But yesterday I was well back -- not like the LotR marathon. I think a lot of it is the sound, actually. And watching in the dark.

Joseph's story *is* an odd one. Everything that he dreams come true, but only after he's grown up enough to handle it. And it's the first time in the Bible that storytelling is sophisticated enough to distinguish between what a person says and does and what he is thinking and feeling underneath. Joseph actually speaks to his brothers through a translator when they come to Egypt to sue for grain--but he gets so emotional that he has to excuse himself and have a quick cry in the inner office. *g* Fascinating stuff.

OMG, Elanor! That is all.

I stood up and applauded when she decked that bitch. And how much do I love James Spader? Much.

Denny Crane. ;-D

I stood up and applauded when she decked that bitch.

Oh, but did you see later, in the background of an Alan-Tara scene, they were wheeling someone out on a gurney? It didn't look good. I fear for Elanor.

Yes, I saw that. Everyone else is having good things happening to them. I'm afraid poor Elanor is going to get the shaft.

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