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FMA 30

My rambly thoughts. Also -- I don't watch the previews for the next ep, so please don't spoil me for that in comments.

Scar! I love his intensity. Also, he's much more pleasant when he's not killing everyone in sight. I hope he finds what he's after.

Sig + Armstrong OTP!!! All that posing. And Armstrong's little wrist-drop as his drops his coat. Then I thought they were going to thumb-wrestle. Delicious.

Don't you think Archer is a little...pale? Pale and not very nice? Pale and not very nice and knowing the sign to look for on a homunculus? Hmm? The points of resemblance to Hughes are suggestive -- the nose, the widows peak. Ah, I fear much more heartbreak.

Nice to see Al acting a little dangerous: "What did you say about the little brother?" I love his mildness so much, but it makes this that much more effective.

All these new cool players! I think I need some sort of a guide to keep them all straight. "I heard that Envy, Pride, and the others are after them..." I don't believe we know who Pride is, do we? And which one is the ruff boy?

We've seen the Mad Bomber before, right? He was one of the prisoners? I haven't got to there in my re-watching, so I don't have the details straight.

Jeez, we got treated to quite the cleavage shot of Izumi. Impressive. Cleavage aside, or not aside, I really like Izumi. She's so passionate and grim. When she tells Sig not to follow her because she doesn't want him to see what she's going to do, it just broke my heart. I hope they have a happy ending. Sig's voiceover about how they are childless over the fight scene was so very effective -- the violence contrasted with the personal pain and Izumi's maternal longing.

And what's with the Fuhrer? Is he good or evil? I have absolutely no idea.

Roy is fucking scary. Not just in this episode, either. Cute, but fucking scary.

This show is so complex! I can hardly keep it straight, but I love it. So rich. I'm very impressed.
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