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I don't usually do the memes that go around, but I always love to talk about story titles, so here you go:

I love titles. If I'm writing a longer story and don't have the title for it from the beginning, I get jumpy and nervous. Ideally, the title should be the tease that gets you to want to read the story and should have a different meaning for you after you've finished.

Blood Will Tell
Lucius tortures Sirius.
I can't recall at what point I settled on this title -- the story took forever to write. But it's a familiar phrase that here refers both to the torture and to the idea that one cannot suppress one's nature, especially one's pureblood nature.

First Come
Harry, Draco, and the Room of Requirement
This title was meant to lure people into reading the drabble by making them think Harry and Draco were going to get it on. In fact, the full phrase "first come, first served" is a better indicator of what actually happens. (This is actually a very controversial piece on my site! Flames and all, over a 100 word story. Which I guess means the title was successful. *g*)

I Am Not Your Mother, I Am A Dog, Said The Dog
Spender isn't dead.
I always wanted to write a Spender story with this title; it was just a matter of figuring out what it would be about. Spender's most interesting relationship was always with his mother, so what better than a line from Are You My Mother? It's meant to remind you of your childhood and make you feel sad for Spender.

If I Were Queen Of The Forest
Members of the Fellowship are forced to entertain Galadriel in most interesting ways.
I think the title was the idea for this story. That happens often: the title and the idea spring fully-formed from my head, like Athene. This title is, of course, from If I Were King of the Forest from Wizard of Oz. I like this title because it's rather meta -- I am Queen of the Forest. Because of course, the story is all about us fanfic writers who command the boys to copulate for our amusement.

Misanthropy, Lycanthropy, And The Pursuit Of Knowledge
Snape/Lupin, researching Wolfsbane.
The title is the summary, more or less. It encapsulates the plot, though not the themes. I also love the way it sounds -- good mouth feel. It wasn't too difficult to come up with, so it probably just popped into my head as I was plotting the story.

I Held A Butterfly
Logan/Scott, cutting.
I love this title. It sounds so sappy and uplifting, but the butterfly is actually a butterfly knife and the story is rather dark and intense. I found this googling "butterfly quote", I believe, which turned up this: I touched a flower and it wilted, I held a butterfly and it died in my hand... (It was attributed to John Lennon, but that was not confirmed anywhere else and was actually disputed on the site where I found the quote.)

And my coolest title ever:
Violence And The Subtext Of Homoerotic Desire or Beat Me, Daddy
Mulder, Krycek, Spender, Skinner. The boys beat each other up and enjoy it. But why?
I cannot think how I made up this title -- it was six years ago -- but I love the juxtaposition of the academic sounding bit with "Beat Me, Daddy". It suits the piece, which is a humourous meta exploration of why it's sometimes erotic when the boys fight and sometimes not.

And a couple of bonus titles for stories I never did get around to writing:

AD&D - Skinner/Langley

Summa Katra - Spock/McCoy, of course

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