Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Angel, Angel, Angel

* So, are Steve and Drew Angel/Spike shippers or what? They even had their own song!

* This was beyond wacky. I was pleased.

* Darla and Drusilla in the bath. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That's one to save up to ... think about ... later.

* When Fred's parents showed up and it was clear that they didn't know, I just stopped the tape and the Boy and I stared at each other for about a minute. The *fuck*? No one told them? Did not like this B-plot.

* Andrew and *women*? What's up with that? Were Angel and Spike so gay that they had to turn to Andrew to butch things up? I think I'll assume that they're just pals and they're on their way to a fabulous party where Andrew will meet fabulous boys and completely fail to get off with them.

* Did I mention Angel and Spike had their own song?

* Ah, The Immortal. Suddenly, I want him to cross over into many fandoms. With Bellatrix. With Scully. With Ally McBeal. Oh, oh, oh, with Markus Alexander.

* I kept expecting Angel and Spike to start making out. Am I writing too much fanfic or did it really seem that way?

* And just how does Angel know what The Immortal tastes like?

* I guess the Apocalypse is on hold. But I'm fine with that. Apcalypses are so last year. And the year before that.

* Fave line: "I'd claw my way back from the depths of hell to lay by your side."

* Etc

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