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You can call me Hal.

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Why couldn't I have taken up a cheaper hobby, like whittling?

Clearly, I should not be allowed out alone. I went out on my lunch break to get a bagel. I returned with:

  • Babylon 5 Season 5
  • Kids in the Hall Season 1
  • Peter Pan
  • Professor Lupin's Classroom HP LEGO kit

Oh, and a bagel. A cheap bagel.

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(Deleted comment)
I'm feeling good because I didn't also buy:

* Draco and Buckbeak LEGO
* Spider-Man LEGO
* Trailer Park Boys Season 3 (though I'll have to get that next paycheque)

Good thing I have no children to support. Plus they'd lose all my LEGO.

Heh. Count yourself lucky you're not in comics fandom. Setting foot in a comic store, I can *easily* spend at least 50 books a week. And that's with me *not allowing* myself to buy back trades or issues or any merchandise whatsoever or anything from Image or DC. (Vertigo doesn't count! They're... they're different! I *need* my Vertigo fix! *cries*) And stupid STUPID Marvel keeps coming up with more shiny new titles that I just have to have and... and... *buries head in hands*

And I wonder why I never have enough money for food.

Oh, I used to be there. Early 90s, we were picking up sooooo many books. We'd get them Fridays and go out to dinner and read them. I kind of miss that, but they just got far too expensive and I was disillusioned and I could never keep all the mutant canon straight. Now I just read Amazing Spider-Man and some gaming comics.

Hey, you got the bagel!

I went out last Tuesday to get a $6 bag of pet food, and spent $40 on food, cage cleanser, and toys. And got Battle star Galactica DVDs from the Best Buy next door to the petstore.

The Boy was the one who picked up our BG DVDs. We both feel slightly guilty about our purchases, I think, but justify it b/c the other is doing it. *g*

My wife and I do the same thing, using each other's spending-sprees as rationalisation for doing it too. :-)

Also with eating sugar. This is what they mean by "love and support" right?

eeep. sorry for asking you like i ask everybody: which peter pan edition is that? does it have hook headbutting pan?! please please please if you know let me know asap as i have to return my uk edition tomorrow if it´s censored, thankies.

I'll try to remember to let you know once I watch it. I'm not sure if I'll get to it this weekend or not. There is a warning on it for violence, though.

sounds good. uhm. you do have the us edition, right? which rating and what lenght is on it? sorry to keep on askig, but i have to decide tonight.

I have the Canadian edition, which is usually the same as the US, except for language options. (Though we had "Philosopher's Stone" instead of "Sorceror's Stone", thank Carl.) It's rated PG (on the Canadian scale) and is 1 hour 54 min long.


fly, my pretties - and bring me good tidings

i missed the mail today, so i can wait till the weekend to see if the headbutt - and therefore censored scenes - are on your edition.

Re: fly, my pretties - and bring me good tidings

The headbutt was in evidence and a fine, fine headbutt it was. :)

Re: fly, my pretties - and bring me good tidings

*lol* thank you. was it during the final fight on the ship or in the cave?

Re: fly, my pretties - and bring me good tidings

In the cave. Mmm.


*wants more and more*

*wants the tree scene. pure slash.*

Well B5-5 is hardly your fault. The other day, I went looking for B5-3, and B5-5 just happened to jump right in the cart too. Mysteriously, B5-4 stayed on the virtual shelf. So I'm thinking that it's just magnetism created by the spinning station that causes B5-5 to come home with unsuspecting shoppers.

Or maybe S5 is coated in some mind-altering substance. *g* But S4 is better than S5, so make sure you have it too.

Professor Lupin's Classroom HP LEGO kit


I am incapable of leaving LEGO on the shelves. Now I'm sort of regretting not getting the Draco and Buckbeak set too.

But I still prefer my own homemade Lupin minifig, as played by Ewan.


The Babylon Bagel was a dream given form...

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