Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,


I don't just have invisible readers, I also have invisible fangirls who loooooooooove my fics and wear their hair like mine and think that I can do no wrong.

I have invisible minions who tenderly upload all my fic to my many invisible archives and draw me invisible fanart and send me invisible mix CDs.

I have invisible enemies who post invisble trash talk and flames about me, but my invisible fangirls back me up every time.

I have invisible evil cohorts who plot with me to take over fandom and bend everyone to our will and force them to bow down and worship us. (Oh, I guess that's actually kestrelsan and laurashapiro. Did I spill the plan too soon, guys?)

I have an invisible bodyguard who keeps the invisible masses away from me at cons and beats on my invisible enemies.

I have an invisible girlfriend who looks just like Drew Barrymore and who has steamy invisible chat sex with me.

Also a cat.
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