Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Uncle Hal says read.

Okay, I'm not an uncle because I am a girl and girls are aunts, not uncles. But when I have an indirect role in the creation of a good story, as a beta or as someone who made a remark that gave someone an idea or as the passive recipient of a challenge story, I feel a rather avuncular pride in that story. Look! I want to say, this really great story is related to me!

Today is a good day for avuncular feelings. Go read these stories or be chivvied by winged monkeys:

The Devil is a Liar by millefiori
Written for the Percy Ficathon for ME ME ME!
Percy/Penelope, Marcus/Oliver, Marcus/Percy, NC17
Percy is spot on here and Marcus, oh Marcus, is so evil and crude and sexysexy. *fingersucking happy place*

And the Remixes are up!

I have not one, but two stories remixed. (Well, there could be more -- I haven't looked through all the fandoms yet. *g*)

Ennui (La Ronde in Four-Four Time) remixes my Sirius/James story Ennui.
James is bored, Sirius is randy, Lily is naughty, and Remus just wants to get laid. Rated R.
Lovely slash, lovely het, lovely sex, angst-free. A most delicious treat!

And, oh my god, words cannot express how much I love this story:
The Wizard From Outer Space (Meta Remix) takes my silly little Arthur Weasley drabble, Way of Life, and uses it to jump off into a story about ... well, about fandom, about friendship, about finding where you belong. I'm not doing a very good job of explaining it, so just go and read it. Or the monkeys will come for you. ETA: I just read this again and got all teary.

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