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You can call me Hal.

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Saturday night movies

Last night I had a James Spader double-bill: Secretary and Stargate.

About Secretary, all I have to say is: guh! Also: I really need to see Crash again soon.

This is the third time I've watched Stargate. First, in the theatre, and second last year as I began my odyssey into SG-1. It was so cool to revisit it now. Of course you have to overlook the inconsistencies between the movie and the series, but I felt very sentimental to see characters who recur later, to see the beginnings of the fight against the Goa'uld. And just the cinematic scope of the shots -- the immensity of the pyramid, the vastness of the desert.

I think Ra gets all his outfits from Amidala's closet.

I'd forgotten the rather odd rapport between O'Neill and Jackson (whom I can't quite bring myself to think of as Jack and Daniel here) -- you'd expect them to disagree more than they do. Instead, they bond quite easily, I suppose from shared adversity.

I loved seeing Dr Jackson in the desert, no clue about what to do. He's not exactly Dr Jones, is he? Which reminds me that it would be way cool to see some sort of crossover thing with Indiana Jones and Nicholas Ballard. (Um, not slash, just adventure.)

Really, though, the best part is just two hours of James Spader with fluffy hair.

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Last fall at a marketing seminar, we had to analyze how well Daniel represents the translating profession in that film - his know-how (excellent, but reinforces customer expectations that we're jacks-of-all-trades) his customer communication skills (zilch), his self-presentation (rude and badly dressed), etc.

So very interesting! I always have to roll my eyes at Daniel's ability to instantly translate just about anything. Wesley does the same thing with demon languages. (Hmm, Daniel/Wesley...)

I always have to roll my eyes at Daniel's ability to instantly translate just about anything.

This is a dangerous stereotype because a lot of customers thinks that the way it goes. But people who claim they can do that are usually the last people you want to let near your texts.

Hoshi in Enterprise is the same way. Don't get me started on the Universal Translator.

Am so heading straight for the video store when my exams are over. Mmm, I need to see that film. And look at Andrea's default icon!

It's a real treat, and not solely because of James Spader. And yay for pretty fluffy haired icons. :)

Secretary was just amazing, IMO. I can't wait to discuss it with you.

I agree! Are you going to have any time to chat soon? Or not until the move is done?

I think not until after the move, unfortunately, but that's less than two weeks away now (ulp).

Gah. The stress. But yes, we will talk.

I have to rent Secretary soon

James Spader is why I watch The Practice now. (Camryn Manheim and William Shatner are nice bonuses though). I really only knew him from the Stargate movie, so it was surprising to see him doing so well in such a different role. Many actors are kind of one trick ponies.

Re: I have to rent Secretary soon

He's great in all sorts of things -- and always so pretty. :)

I wonder if anyone will notice that I'm commenting only to show off my James Spader icon. *g*

I sure don't think anyone will mind. :) I've got to get me one too.

Secretary is so fucking sexy. I watched it three times the weekend I had the DVD. Yowza.

Love the original SG movie. Still love, and have vague thoughts of writing a story that makes sense of the differences between movie and series.

Secretary was very erotic. God, the spanking. Whew!

I still need to see Secretary! Was it well done?

Oh, yes, very much so. Highly recommended.

My personal demonic crossover plotbunny is with characters from The Lost World stumbling across the SG program and being dragged off to advise a team on some raptor infested planet. Bad plotbunny. Bad.

Woo! That would be fun. The Boy keeps trying to get me to write a SG-1/Battlestar Galactica crossover where the Goa'uld are the Lords of Kobol. There was a desert planet/pyramids BG ep, after all.

I very much adored Secretary when I rented it last summer. However, I've also been working in a law office for almost five months, and it occured to me the other day: My god, how did they ever get any *work* done?. I shared with my co-workers and we had a giggle. *g*

Good movie, though.


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