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You can call me Hal.

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PSA: OS X Security Vulnerability
If you run OS X, please read this MacFixit article ASAP.

As well, it's recommended that you go into Safari's prefs and uncheck 'Open "safe" files after downloading'.

ETA: a good article at Wired about this too. Read both.

ETA2: Unsanity has released a haxie, Paranoid Android, that provides another way to deal with this and another undisclosed exploit.
Caveat: I use other Unsanity haxies and like them a lot but I have not yet installed and tested this one. Use your own best judgement.

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Just watched a Jack/Thor vid.
Am so, so scarred.
Thought you should know.

Register for triptychvids.com, and look under the Stargate section - summary is Everybody's talking about the new romance.

Thank you for the PSA!

ugh. Scary stuff. Thanks for the heads up and links.

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