Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Remaindered fic

So with Angel over and all, I went to my site to see what sort of fic I'd written for the show over the years. Turns out to be a whopping 3 stories. I love the show, but it, and Buffy, never drove me to much fic, that's for sure. The show pretty much seemed enough on its own. Of these stories, two are places where I needed more than I saw onscreen, and one is gratuitous smut. *g*

Did You Ever Think As The Hearse Rolls By
Wesley/Lilah. NC17.
As far as you can go. Strong warning for, well, what you mght think I'm warning for.
HTML | TXT | 370 words.

Ring-A-Ring O'Roses
Darla/Drusilla. R.
Girls' night out.
HTML | TXT | 1260 words.

Skull and Bones
Wes/Gunn. R.
Short. Head porn.
HTML | TXT | 410 words.

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