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You can call me Hal.

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So the Gryffindor Brat was at the bus stop again today and it's too warm to wear my scarf, so what can I do to show my Slytherin colours, perferably whilst not looking like the sort of person who writes stories in her spare time about Ginny Weasley being ravished by plants?

The Boy wants to go to PoA dressed as Hagrid. He suggested I get some sort of big black cloak and go as a Dementor, because then I'll also be set up for a Ringwraith or Sith Lord costume. I suggested that perhaps I wouldn't.

Are you dressing up for PoA? Do you have any freaky fan items that you wear about your person? amanuensis1 posted about making a fannish Brag Bracelet but I know if I tried to do that, it would get filled up with FMA pics. *g*

I have lots of HP LEGO, but I don't carry that around with me. Hmm.

I suspect I got the costume thing pretty much out of my system with all those years in Rocky Horror. In my teen years, I used also not to be above wearing a fannish pin or button every once in a while. I still have three DS buttons but I only wear them at cons. In recent years, the only fannish regalia I have worn has been in the form of T-shirts -- do those count?

Sure they count. :) I don't think I've worn fannish t-shirts in a long while. I should dig them out. I have *two* of the Hulk drawn by Dale Keown -- that was from the arc where his personalities all got integrated and so he was big and green and smart and wore glasses and everyone called him Dr Banner. Plus he was very hot.

No, I'll just take my trusty notebook so while I sit there in line waiting to get in at midnight, I can write smut longhand.


I admire you for being able to write under those circumstances. I can hardly even write if I'm at home and there's someone else in the apartment!

I would dress up if I had friends who also were. I'm good with being one of a crowd of freaks... not so much with looking strange all alone.

Note: On Halloween I wore my Ravenclaw costume and was madly flirted with by both my waitress and a random boy in the DVD section of Best Buy. Hmmmmm. *g*

I have a fair amount of fannish stuff that is only fannish if you *know* about it, like my Chicago keychain and my Musical Ride lapel pin (received from the hand of an ACTUAL MOUNTIE.)

Most of my fan swag is in the form of paperweights/magnets/toys and other cubicle/desk decorations rather than something to wear. I have thought of making fannish charm bracelets, though- think of the possibilities! (Sentinel: jaguar, wolf, basketball, glasses, gun, police badge, book. Due South: maple leaf, Chicago commemorative, car, wolf, snowshoe, handcuffs, glasses, turtle, stetson. That sort of thing.)

Hee! Those schoolgirl outfits will do it every time.

I have a fair amount of fannish stuff that is only fannish if you *know* about it, like my Chicago keychain and my Musical Ride lapel pin.

Cool! That's what I like about the scarf -- it's just a really nice green and silver scarf if you're not in the know.

Maybe we should make virtual charm bracelets. :)

Are you dressing up for PoA?

While I have dressed for events in the past - my 50+ attendences at the Rocky Horror Picture Show, for example - and while I enjoy other people's creativity, I don't imagine I'm going to be dressing as Professor Sprout any time soon (the character I most closely resemble).

Actually, I'm looking for a black Harry Potter t-shirt but am holding out for one with an image of Remus Lupin. So far, my search is in vain.

In the past, I wanted an outfit like Neville's grandmother -- how cool is that hat? But I'm not much for dressing up at any time.

Good luck with your shirt search!

Like others, I got most of my dresing-up urges out of my system in my Rocky Horror Picture Show days, but I think it's cool when other people are in costume at these kind of events. Quite a few people were costumed at the PoA premiere here in New York (and no, I don't just mean the 14 year olds with the words "I love you Dan!" written in lipstick on their cheeks *g*), and some of the costumes were excellent.

My only nod to fannish dressing up these days is the t-shirt I bought at ConneXions with a big slash sign within quotation marks. Totally subtle in the sense that only other slashers seem to notice it. :)

And you didn't have lipstick on your cheeks for any of the *koff* more mature actors? Suuuuure.

Your t-shirt sounds way cool!

I bet if you got the right costume, it would be easy to go from fandom to fandom. The Boy figures he can modify his Jedi outfit (which he will wear at the slightest provocation) for Hagrid. And I'm sure it would be not too hard to make it into Gandalf too.

I'm dressing up as Remus and have convinced a friend to dress up like Ron. Have got a robe, brown eyeliner to make a moustache, and some semblance of a wand. Now, if I could only figure out how to grey my hair...

Sounds cool! Maybe a little talcum powder.

(Deleted comment)
You could wear the Lego wands through your ears I suppose.

Hee! They're so boring though. The LEGO lightsabres are much cooler.

They have leather slytherin wristbands at Hot Topic.

I was going to suggest this. They also have pins as well :)

Oh! Thanks for linking people to a pic of the Brag Bracelet. I didn't think of doing that. Guess because I figured I was the only one loony enough to take an interest. ^_^

I figured I was the only one loony enough to take an interest.

Hey, this is LJ!

"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.

"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat. "We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."

"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.

"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."

Not dressing up. I may, however, be wearing my Slytherin scarf. :) Depends on the weather, really...

Mine's far to heavy to wear once winter's over. Maybe I need a summer-weight version.

I have lots of HP LEGO, but I don't carry that around with me. Hmm.

You could take an extra LEGO Draco or Snape or whoever and attach a pin, so you could wear it. Or attach them to a bag - they might look cute riding on the strap.

I've been thinking of knitting socks in house colors, those could be worn more often than a scarf. Not highly visible, though.

I love the house socks idea! You could mix and match if you wanted a Dobby look too. *g*

I'm going to stand outside the London premiere on Sunday wearing Slytherin uniform - although, without the robes.

The fact that I am blatantly Gryffindor - or at worst Slythindor - is irrelevant, as I actually get to wear the green and siver striped tie from my [brother's] old school uniform. They've changed the ties to just plain green with the school emblem, now, but once upon a time we were all Slytherins who travelled to school on the [yes, really] 666 bus.

I kid you not.


I have the ball cap that says Order of the Phoenix that I won at the OotP midnight release party. And a cool Gryffindor badge I bought at Connexions. That will probably be the extent of my dressing up.

A badge would be nifty. I wonder what the Durmstrang crest is like.

Not planning to dress up for the movie due to time of planned attendance, etc., but I did dress up (as did friends) for the OotP release.

We had a McGonagall, a Sinistra, and I went as Narcissa.

I have a Joey (Yu-Gi-Oh!) keychain that I wear *constantly,* clipped to the belt loop of my blue jeans. Whenever I switch jeans, he gets switched to the new pair along with my pocket knife and keys. Most of the time he stays in my pocket, but whenever I want I can pull him out and sigh.

I also have several Yu-Gi-Oh! tee-shirts (one is a child's extra large, before they started making them in adult sizes), one of which I will certainly wear to the premiere of the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie in August.

And, of course, there's the hot pink Yu-Gi-Oh! stocking cap I sometimes wear to cover my bald head. People smile at me when I wear it.

A keychain is a great idea! I'll look for some plastic ones that I can put my own pics into. Then I can have all my Fullmetal Alchemist boys along with me. Oh, and HP too, I guess. *g* And your cap sounds really cute. :)