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le weekend

Friday I was meant to go out with a friend, but she had to cancel so I had a free evening. I wanted to write something for the gw500, but I was far too tired. I've been meaning to write this particular thing for three weeks now and I keep folding the new challenges into the scenario. Hopefully next week's will fit in too.

Instead of writing, I watched Spirited Away and thought once again how lovely it all was and how nice it would be if one could actually make the subs a little bigger or bolder. I find them quite hard to read on the TV but the film is too long to comfortably watch on my iMac. It seems like a fairly obvious usability thing to me.

I really do adore Spirited Away but I find myself quite confused by No Face. He seems nice and harmless until he gets into the bathhouse, and then he's still nice to Chihiro, but the greed of others causes him to consume them and become a monster. Once he's out of there, he goes back to normal. What on earth does he represent?

Saturday Markus, my iMac, went in for a RAM upgrade, so I didn't get much done. He's back now and all grown up with 1GB of RAM! I did download a bunch of j-rock from P2P, though.

The Boy and I watched several episodes of The Office, which is utterly charming. It's just like Trailer Park Boys -- the exact same format -- only instead of being about losers in a trailer park, it's about losers in an office.

Tell me: is there any Tim/Gareth slash? Cause, you know, there should be, where they're both far, far too drunk to know better.

Sunday morning I procrastinated on working on my J/D ficathon story by nabbing more j-rock. Gotta download while it's still legal! I'd like to actually buy some CDs too, but I have to save up a bit as I imagine it will be quite expensive.

I did finish the J/D draft eventually, though, and so I will have it ready, such as it is, to post on Tuesday. That's the last of my deadlines and I think I won't sign up for anything else until the fall. I have enough to do before then anyhow.

Hopefully, I'll be back to normal posting and fannish levels, now that that's taken care of. PoA on Friday!

And a technical question: if one is on Mac OS X 10.3 and one wishes to leech some stuff from IRC and one is using ircle which does not have an ident server (OS X used to have one built in until this version), is that likely to be a problem? I've been online for 10 years but I'm still such an IRC newbie. I did all my early socialising on MUDs.

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