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Waiting. Also, icon.

I feel like I'm in more of a "taking in" mode right now than a "producing" mode. I think my Harry Potter brain is just on hold until I see the movie. It's not like waiting for new canon, though, so I'm not all speculative or tense. Just...waiting. Waiting for Stargate S8 to start. Waiting for the next ep of Fullmetal Alchemist. Waiting for the next batch of Prince of Tennis to download.

Waiting for my brain to make me write something more interesting than this.

Two of my co-workers are really into Buffy right now. Neither watched it on TV, but they're going through the DVDs now. They are just so damn cute. Both seem to be dead gone on Spike and Buffy/Spike especially. And I think they're surprised at their level of obsession. Just to see them fall into fangirl mode is very entertaining. I may have to search out some fanfic for them at some point.

But it's weird for me to have the wall between my real life and fannish life thin like this. I tend to like to keep things all separate. Fandom. Gaming. Work. Etc. Nice compartments and boxes.

("...and in this box over here is Roy Mustang. No, I won't let him out.")

A lot of my friends know I'm into fandom and that I write fic, etc, but I've never sent them to my website or anything like that. Last year I was gearing up to give one friend my secret identity, and then I posted a story on my site that kind of disturbed me and made me wonder what she'd think of me. And then I started posting all sorts of HP stuff and that made me feel even less likely to share it. Which doesn't stop me from writing it, of course. But it's the main thing that makes me feel weird about showing my site to other people. Hmm.


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