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You can call me Hal.

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Mischief managed.

Prisoner of Azkaban

Awesome film. Awesome adaption. Just...yeah.

Scattered thoughts. I'll have to see it again before I can really hone in.

* Still not liking the look, but Remus was wonderful. He was so mentor-y! Can he please come back in the next film so he and Harry can be all Giles and Buffy? And the music was really cool.

* I adored the scene with all the Gryff boys hanging out in their dormitory. Just so nice to see them so relaxed and friendly.

* Dear god, the Remus/Sirius just dripped off the screen! A good proper embrace. And "old married couple". And when Sirius is holding Remus as he transforms, telling him -- what was the line? Something about who he is in his heart. Guh.

* On the other hand, movie!Remus seems to have a tendresse for Lily. Odd. Also, ick.

* Ron was such a cutie. His spider nightmare!

* Maybe I've just been reading and writing too much fanfic, but when Harry was casting spells under the sheets, it did seem a bit...metaphory. *g*

* Not to mention when the shot in this icon came up and the camera started a pan downwards, I actually thought we were going to see Harry and Ron clutching at each other across Hermione. It's hard to shake the fanfic brain.

* Uh, what were Harry and Remus doing hiking through the woods? And why would Remus go on a five mile hike and then say that can't teach Harry because he has to rest?

* Having the Harry-Snape-Remus confrontation in a dark hallway was very nice indeed. I tried to keep my ears open for exclamations from any Harry/Snape shippers in the audience, but I didn't hear any. (There was a bit of Harry/Draco commotion earlier though.)

* Dear god, Draco's little kiss note to Harry! So funny! I can't wait til I get the DVD so I can get a proper look at it.

* I thought the movie was really well focused. Lean and mean.

* But it was odd that they never came right out and said who MWPP were.

* I thought I would cry when Sirius told Harry that "the ones we love never really leave us." Sirius! Wah! Mean film makers!

* Such a nice touch at the end with the music when Harry takes off on his Firebolt. Just like his first flight. And that ending shot was priceless.

* NIfty credits! And nice bit at the end.

Forgetting all sorts, I'm sure. Ah well.

So, I hear JKR said that the movie had inadvertently foreshadowed some things from books 6 and 7. What do you suppose they are?

* Some revelation about Remus and Lily?

* The return of Sirius? Re his heartrending line.

* In the scene where Hermione comes up to invisible crying Harry and pulls off his cloak, there's a long shot of them -- Harry and Hermione crouched together, then Ron standing straight and far away -- and it made me think suddenly: Ron is going to betray them. I hope that's not true. And I suppose if it is foreshadowing, it could just be romantic. But. It affected me strongly.

Hey, if you've posted a PoA review in the last week, I'd love it if you'd link me here. I'd like to read a bunch, but find the idea of skipping back through so much LJ daunting.

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it's going a little far to call this a review but reaction to POA is here:


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